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The weather in Aucks {and the rest of New Zealand} has been totally shit lately. Super cold, windy enough to blow one of our huge palms over and rainy rainy rainy. Hate. Every time I wear these boots I think “this HAS to be the last time I wear these guys in 2012”. But they always pop out of the closet for one last cameo.  What’s weird about this outfit is that the night after I wore it, I was flicking through my Pinterest Boards when I came across this pin – obviously the outfit had been filed in my subconscious for future inspiration!

I was also inspired by Kelly’s Preppy outfit post last week – loving this style, it’s very ‘me’…….somedays lol.



This outfit was definitely warm and cosy but I STILL had to layer up with my pea coat before we went out to dinner!  Brrrrrr.

Boots: Country Road, Thrifted

Leggings: MAX

Shirt: Levis

Jersey: Country Road

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5 thoughts on “What I Wore | Jeans, Leggings, Boots”

  1. Love this, you look so comfortable and styley. The wee peep of socks at the top of the boots looks a bit cheeky and fun x

  2. I hear you! The weather has been the pits! And I'm having no trouble dressing like the Northerners in fall to keep warm – thank you so much for featuring my pic xo
    I loved your competition entry BTW – fingers crossed for you. Maybe one day we should get together and talk about a blogging event for Aklders?

  3. Love the use of layering and the textures in the jersey! Also love the pinterest has entered your subconscious – spooky!! 😉

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