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I haven’t managed to get my mojo back yet, but Wardrobe Wednesday perks me up a little bit, at least enough to pull a post together {even if I can’t pull together an outfit to save my life this week!}.
Ethan and I attended a ‘special engagement’ a couple of weeks ago which I was invited along to simply because I am a mummy and probably because I am a blogger – so I had to look the part.
I thought this outfit fit the bill, comfy casual and fitting for a mummy that is 8 years out of diaper days and in the workforce 5 days a week. Sometimes I miss those days spent in yoga pants and sloppy tees!



I had another pic similar to the one below.  A picture that didn’t show my puffy eyes and wrinkles.  But I kind of like my eye wrinkles in a strange sort of way.  They don’t bother me at all compared to other wrinkles I shall not mention.


Cardigan: Country Rd Merino

Shift: Federation

Jeans: Wrangler

Sneaks: Supergas

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  1. love the top and the shoes are so delightful. it sounds very important to be invited somewhere because you are a blogger!!!

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