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Lets just say I LOVED this outfit.  We had afternoon tea at a friends house on Sunday, a bit of a reunion with a school pal who is living in London, and I felt comfortable, casual and dressed just right for the bump!  This skirt is one of those fab buys where, if you were out purposefully looking for a tie-dyed maxi you may never find one, however I spotted this in a street vendors stall in Santa Monica and knew it was perfect for those Stevie Nicks-type outfits.





Skirt: Street market

Tank Top: Country Rd

Wooden Bangles: The Warehouse

Ring: Urban Outfitters

Nail Polish: Revlon Top Speed – Hazy

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  1. love the way you use colour and that ring is AWESOME! the bump is looking so cute and neat

  2. Thanks Melissa! I was put off by the price too in my first pregnancy which is why I didn't buy anything. But afterwards when I realised I had stretched everything and could no longer wear it it was kind of a waste of money anyway! I think the trick is to buy a few versitile maternity pieces that can do nursing too if you need and mix those core pieces in with your usual wardrobe.


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