What’s shaking on the farm

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Auckland Sunset by you.Stunning Auckland sunset from our lawn, staining the sky tower bright pink IMG_6245I have been trying to get a pic of the lights at night since we moved in, this picture sucks but at least you get some idea of the fabulous view.  

 IMG_6217 IMG_6225

There is a new boy on the farm and his name is Jim.  He is a beautiful 18 month old boxer and he is figuring out how he fits in with Scooby and Louie.  There have been a few scraps but things are settling down and as you can see, Jim is quite fond of us – he would not get out of the car yesterday when we were leaving!

IMG_6253 IMG_6250


Ethan and his Daddy get to ride to kindy together every morning, they love heading off in the truck together, it’s their own stinky, diesel-y boy time and Ethan loves it.


After seeing his Daddy catching chickens Ethan began to practice Chicken-whispering himself.  After a few fruitless chases, he got his strategy sorted out and was so proud when he captured his first hen and safely returned her to the run.




  1. shorepound · August 25, 2009

    Jim is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Melissa · August 25, 2009

    I knew you'd love him