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Winter Style | Kids Jackets & Gumboots from Squidkids

Congratulations to Bridget Agnew!  Please visit www.squidlondon.nz/shop and let me know which jacket you’d like by emailing me, melissa (at) thebestnest.co.nz 

Ok, so we all know there is an abundance of amaze, stylish, totally fabulous and gah-I’m-envious-of-that-kids-style clothes out there for our littles these days.  But……it does tend to get a tad repetitive and a wee bit unoriginal as every small startup churns out their monochrome capsule collection, dripping with cool but we’ve seen it all before right?

I love colour.  In my home.  In my wardrobe and on my kids.  Colour is fun and fearless.  Just like kids.

One company doing colour right is SquidKids.  Founded by two super-creative London College of Fashion graduates, Squid’s first gig was to design and produce a range of colour changing umbrellas for the Tate Modern Gallery and the duo (Emma-Jayne and Viviane) have since worked with MoMA New York, The British Museum, Nordstrom, Southbank Centre and Art Basel.  Culture on your clothes.  I love it.

As a result of these genius collabs, SquidKids was born and their range of colour changing kids jackets, umbrellas, boots and bags is now available in New Zealand! Yus!

Squid Kids Colour Change Jacket Mummy Blogger NZSquid Kids Colour Change Jacket Mummy Blogger NZ

Nixie was sent the Colour Changing Dino Jacket and colour changing boots to take for a spin and we say….. HECK YES we love SquidKids!  The website description omits one tiny factor in the description of the jackets – they are thick and super warm.  This is no windbreaker, rather, a high quality, excellent weight jacket with a waterproof finish.  That just happens to change colour when it gets wet. No biggie.
Nix loves to watch the colour change on his jacket in the rain, it’s just the best when he can see the drops landing on the dinosaurs and he whispers “here ‘d comes, here ‘d comes!”  I die.  So cute!Squid Kids Colour Change Jacket Mummy Blogger NZ

So now you can run along and shop, shop, shop, but before you go, you will want to head over to Facebook and make sure you like The Best Nest and SquidKids because we have 2 of these gorgeous jackets to give away, one boys style and one girls style!  I will pick one winner here and one on FB.  To enter, just comment below with your choice of boys or girls.  Double your chances by entering on FB too!  Competition closes  June 3rd, 10pm.

Squid Kids Colour Change Jacket Mummy Blogger NZ Squid Kids Colour Change Jacket Mummy Blogger NZ
Squid Kids Colour Change Jacket Mummy Blogger NZSquid Kids Colour Change Jacket Mummy Blogger NZ



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99 thoughts on “Winter Style | Kids Jackets & Gumboots from Squidkids”

  1. Boys please.. This would make been in the rain so much fun. My son LOVES dinosaurs 🙂 So cool absolutely love Xx

  2. Girl please – my daughter would have so much fun with this, and the quality looks amazing – would be perfect for a cool Canterbury winter!!

  3. This are so awesome my son (4 years old) or daughter (6 mths old) would look even cuter then they already do in these 🙂

  4. I think my dinosaur mad niece would love this!!! She’s 2 and a half and says “dinosaurs died when the big rock fell out of the sky”. Girl please.

  5. Girl. But ohh that dinosaur jacket is sooooo cool, my wee girl would probably love it just as much as a girly one!
    Please 🙂

  6. Wow this looks fantastic. My two boys love dinosaurs its sooo super cool to change colour. Boys please 🙂

  7. My 2-year-old daughter Ivy goes nuts over my SquidLondon brolly from the Tate collection – only problem is she never lets me put it above our head, she always wants to see the colours changing! This jacket would be perfect – her own rainy day entertainment right in front of her eyes (instead of pulling on my umbrella!) a girls one please 🙂

  8. Either please (my kids don't care for "boys" and "girls" labels. They choose by colour or design what they want.

  9. Nix looks amazingly cute!! Wee poser 😉
    I would love a boy one for my cadeasaurus Rex (my sons nickname)

  10. These are so cool – think my three year old little girl would love and I can make it an ‘investment’ piece as bubs can wear it when she gets older!! Love the new brands I keep discovering through you – thanks

  11. Boys please! These are so cool. Great to know they’re nice and warm too – totally looks like a windbreak jacket in the pics. Your wee man looks very pleased with himself!

  12. These are very cool, I would love to take my little man out puddle jumping in one. BOY!!!!! Thanks.

  13. Gorgeous little guy in his outfit! I would love to win a boys one too please, Thanks you so much for the opportunity 🙂

  14. Lov the boys dino jacket! And im going to see if hubby will buybthe panda umbrella for me (hehe not just for kids) 🙂

  15. Oh yes please, these look so cool.
    We would love a girls jacket for little Miss.
    Thank you.

  16. Boy! Awesome concept!! And even better that fun without compromising warmth and keeping them dry!

  17. Boy Please – these are so cool and would be a great way to get my son to walk in the rain without tears.

  18. Boy please these are so cool and would be perfect for down here in Dunedin at the moment (maybe when the rain eases tho)

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