Writers Prompt: If you give a Mum a moment

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  1. She might remember to take her Happy Pill, her iron pill, her vitamin C + zinc pill, her multi-vitamin, her antibiotic and wash them down with a big sip of Sav
  2. She might start putting away some stuff and then get distracted by something that needs putting away in the room where she was putting away the first thing  and move in circles throughout the house putting away some stuff but never really tidying up one room completely
  3. She might ignore all chores needing to be done and search for Botox prices online for over an hour
  4. She might pluck her eyebrows for about 17 minutes…..v e r y   s l o w l y
  5. She might lay down on the couch just so, because that is where the winter sun shines through the ranch-slider and is hot on her face and she can half-sleep and listen to the never-ending narration of the ITM Fishing Show and  uh-huh in all the right places one should express interest when your 4yo discusses the stomach contents of a broadbill swordfish
  6. She might eat 5 chocolate chip cookies….they are quite small
  7. She might not brush her teeth but rather go straight to bed and read New Moon on her laptop
  8. She might blog instead of studying
  9. She might LOVE the peace in her car as she drives to work on her own and can listen to morning radio and interviews with Prime Ministers without interruption
  10.   She might realise how lucky she is for her wonderful life xxxx.