Writers Prompt

Share the joy

From Mama’s Losin’ It:

 List ten things that make you HAPPY, I skipped last weeks prompt which was 10 things that you are sick of, too bad I’m sure I could have rattled that list off in about 12 seconds.  Doesn’t that suck?  I wonder what that means when you have to think a little bit harder to come up with 10 things that make you happy?  Anywho…

  1. Sunny, warm-ish winter days (I don’t actually know if it is offically winter yet but god help you all if this is still AUTUMN, say it’s not so?).  The last two days have been so nice, my washing has dried on the clothesline!
  2. Hammering and fixing stuff – my vege garden at the new house had this crapola fence around it which served it’s purpose well in keeping the dogs out, however it blocked all of the afternoon sun from reaching half of the garden.  So I went and got The Tool Kit out of the hot water cupboard (that’s where you keep tools right?) found the hammer and some fence-ish looking nails and got to work.

Old Fence

  This is the only pic I have of the fence that is no more – not a lot of afternoon light was getting through that baby.





New fence

New fence!  SO much better.

     3.   Drop-in visits make me happy.  I was yelling for the dog this afternoon, wandering around in my gumboots with my hammer in hand when I realised I couldn’t find the dog because he was greeting surprise visitors at the gate.  Kris, Billy and Leon were actually too scared to come through the gate because Scooby was enthusiastically lunging at the gate with nothing but love in his eyes of course!

    4.  Kindergarten makes me happy.  We had a visit at Ethan’s new kindy this moring and it is nothing short of amazing.  The teachers and kids were so friendly, it felt like we had been there for years already.  Kids were baking muffins, making craft spiders, making paper mache finger drums, writing stories, making music and playing in the amazing playground; Ethan didn’t know what to do first so he pretty much did everything!  He was all about that nice little drill you see there, and yes he knew just how to use it, didn’t need Mama to show him ANYTHING.

Woodwork Bench

    5.  Pedro’s Roasts makes me happy!  6 x HUGE roast potatoes today for lunch cost $3.60 and he actually gave us seven.  Imagine roasted, soft potatoes with the KFC’s secret spice recipe on them that taste like you made them yourself?  I think I might become a potatotarian, easy.

    6.  Hermoine the Pig makes me very happy, and I’m pretty sure it’s reciprocal.  Her approx. 60kg of pigness comes cantering over at medium/slow speed which is like a sprint for her. as soon as she see’s us with her pig bucket of scraps.  It’s nice to know that our table scraps are going to a good home.  She is so pretty!


    7.  Warm, dry homes make me happy.  About the only good news that came from the depressing 2009 budget announcement was the non-means tested home insulation subsidy. 

    8.  Dave makes me happy, especially when he does his 4km run in 12mins in the morning!  More daddy-time for us.

    9.  Quick, minimum questions-asked refunds make me super happy.  The arrival of my much-anticipated Robomop proved a disappointment as it refused to charge, but 1-day deals have refunded me and told me to keep it.  I’m sure Dave can get it to work…..right Dave?

    10.  Blogging makes me happy.  I don’t know why, it just does.  Writing about silly shit that no-one reads  is fun.  I hope Ethan will one day get a kick out of his mama’s ramblings and comprehensive photo-annal of his life.  It passes the time on the nights when Dave is working and provides me an excellent distraction from boring housework and even more boring studying.  Hallelujah.