Writers Workshop – Something I made

The best part of making something from hand is the using of it.  A lot of times you get these grandiose DIY ideas and you begin and [hopefully] end your project but never actually use it or wear it cause it just plain old sucks.  Not so however for my first knitting project – The Scarf.

When my brother Hadyn announced he was going on a solo musical adventure to the states, namely Chicago – in WINTER,  I kindly offered to knit him a scarf.  But summer and non-scarf activities got in the way so I gifted him the scarf I knitted for myself.  A snazzy merino number in apple green and charcoal.  And damn if Hadyn didn’t wear that scarf.  He went here, he went there, he blew is trombone everywhere and there was my scarf, keeping him warm and snuggly as he posed for cheesy tourist pics.

But have you really monitored it yet?  Have another look, it’s a work of art, it will probably be a hot vintage item one day – a one of a kind even as my knitting has really hit a slow patch since I finished that scarf, my first scarf, there may never be another.

Thanks Kat!



7 thoughts on “Writers Workshop – Something I made”

  1. Love the scarf!
    I'm learning how to crochet now. Hopefully I can learn soon enough to make something nifty LoL
    Thanks for the bloggy love!

  2. Love it!! My neighbor TRIED to teach me to crochet. Thought I was doing a good job until she came over and told me I had about a gazillion too many stitches per line than I was supposed to have.

    She refused to teach me anymore. Hence, I do NOT crochet!

    Hallie 🙂

  3. maybe you can start knitting me a scarf for my return back to nz…..not that i will need one then since it will be hot as hades then and will be trying to soak up ever bit of your non ozone summer goodness……after i slather on the spf 50 of course

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