Writers Workshop – Why is your kid in time out?

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Why is your kid in time out?

…………Oh…my kid?  He’s not in time out, he’s behaving this month – a little sprinkle of attitude but generally things are all smiles around here.

What about you Mrs D-brats Mum?  Why is D-brat in time out?

Well, it’s a bit embarrassing, are you going to put this on the Internet?  Because here in New Zealand we don’t talk about personal stuff on the Internet (people in America might read it), and everyone thinks you’re a bit weird with all of this BLOG stuff you waste your time on.

Don’t worry about it, reading about other people’s problems makes Americans feel better, they’ll be very sympathetic {note to reader[s]; don’t be offended, I married one and gave birth to one and love you all, now lighten up!}

It’s been a bad 3months.  D-brat has been in time out a lot.  In fact he spends more time there then he does in actual kindergarten class!  He is having a few problems I guess you could say.  It’s been so hard on me.

Oh dear, how awful, I had noticed that Ethan was coming home with bruises and scrapes right across his back from being flipped head over heels over a giant cotton reel and my first thought was “I bet Mrs D-brat really felt that one in the nads”.  My heart goes out to you!

Oh thank you so much, it is so nice to get some sympathy!  D-brat is such a GOOD boy, I think there must be a bad element at that kindy, someone must be leading him astray

Hmmmm, I thought the same thing last week when Dave told me how D-brat ridiculed Ethan right in front of him, An Official Adult!  When corrected on his behaviour D-brat did that gorgeous 4.5 year old thing, you know, when he pokes his tongue out at you and says “Ethan is so the slowest runner at kindy and he does ruin our game so there!”.  Yeah, one of those other bad-ass kids must have infiltrated his bible studies group or something.

Ooohh, you might be onto something there, perhaps I should get my head out of my fat ass and start talking to D-brat and figure out who I can really blame for my bad parenting.  The teachers keep asking me to reinforce their behaviour expectations at home, but why should I do their work for them?  I do not get paid for all I do for that child, it’s sacrifice in the name of love!

Um yeah, uh huh.

Oh,by the way, is Ethan part of that sacrifice because if he is we should probably get on the program a little at home, you know.  Start running him down a little, push him around a bit, would that help?  Yeah, then D-brat wouldn’t have so much on his plate each day at kindy, his time for bullying is really getting cut short with all of these time outs – you should probably speak to the teachers about that.  Hmmm, ok TTFN!

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