$12 Well Spent

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I haven’t purchased ANYTHING for a while now, since Christmas really so I was heading into dangerous territory when Ethan and I headed to the shops to kill an hour before swimming yesterday.  Farmers were having one of the perpetual sales though and they had a huge bargain/dollar section, most of which was uggg-leee BUT there were some gems to be scored;

  1. A lemon zester for $3!  Have you ever tried making Key Lime Pie without a zester?  Yeah, it’s not pretty.  I have wanted one of these for ever.
  2. Amazing silicone food ties.  These are like re-useable zip ties for the kitchen!  $2 for a pack of 6 ties.  I had never seen such a wondrous thing so I bought 2 packs.
  3. Pack of 3 tea towels in the cutest print for $5.  These are now washed and I am going to donate some of the old ones to Dave’s rag bag.

I know, a total yawn-worthy post, but we had fun hunting for bargains we didn’t need per say, but are happy we brought home.