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I’m so excited to be joining in with the 52 Project this year, especially now that I have two cherubs to photograph throughout the year!

Both of these pics were taken on the Canon during our week long holiday in Waipu.  I haven’t taken the 50mm lens off since I got it, has done wonders for my photography.


nixon.  loves everyone but is so enamoured with his nana.  these two will grow so close in the years to come, just as Ethan has. 


ethan.  all day. everyday.  catching eels without hooks ’cause he doesn’t need them.  i actually saw him pull two eels at once from the pond with one piece of bait, tied to the line.  i cut his fingernails last night and commented on how filthy they were, he just looked at me, exasperated, and said “i AM a wild child mum”. touché.