25 Random Things you were Dying to know about me.

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Here I am playing blog games with Julz again;
1. I don’t own a clothes dryer, that’s what the sun is for
2. I listen to the same play list everyday when I run, it NEVER changes
3. I don’t wash the dishes unless there is absolutely no chance of anyone else being able to do it , I just don’t like it ::::::shudders::::::
4. When Ethan stays at Mum & Dad’s I probably call them about 10x a day, he never wants to talk to me, I just miss him and like to know what he is doing
5. I love winning prizes, this year I have won a double pass to the final of The Heineken Tennis Open, VIP tickets to the after party where Liam Finn played, Liam Finn CD & a 12pack of Heineken, 2 cell phones + $400 of phone credit, vip treatment at the Summer Series + untold numbers of movie tix, CD’s and 4 Burger Fuel meals.  bfm is the best radio station ever
6. I currently am on mid-semester break from university, 2 weeks off.  I really need to read at least one novel – DONE –
7.  We are moving to a new house in 3 weeks!  I can’t wait, I will have a spare room, a pantry, chickens and 10 acres upon which Ethan and Lou can run and hunt for bugs.  Oh yes, there’s a pool too
8.  I LOVE Coke Zero.  I don’t drink coffee, I tell myself this makes it OK
9.  My husband is so good and nice to everyone that I don’t actually understand him.  He is like an alien.  I married an alien!
10.  I love to grow veges but have no interest in ornamental gardening
11.   I am addicted to playing Lexulous
12.  I suffer from BAD anxiety, and tend to hibernate at home with my family a bit too much
13.  I am phobic-ally afraid of cockroaches, just typing that disgusting word made me shudder.  This is why I can NEVER live in the south again, the roaches have wings there, you never know where they may come at you from
14.  I turn off all appliances at the wall when I am done using them, hella power saving greenies in this house
15.  I was in the New Zealand Rhythmic Gymnastics team
16.  I have a degree in Sociology….mmmmm…great…now tell me what to do with it!
17.  I am usually cold
18.  I am a shopaholic
19.  I LOVE taking pictures, currently I have taken 50 gigs of pics since Ethan was born 4.5yrs ago.  When he grows up he will be able to say “I wonder what we did on Jan 14, 2006?”  and it will be there, documented for posterity
20.  I find it hard to blog, but I love it
21.  I miss Julie and Bush daily, we’s peas in a pod
22.  My mum is my best friend, thank god for family cell phone plans.  I call her way too much.
23.  I watch the news every day, I can’t stand not knowing what is going on in the world
24.  I wonder how this affects my son as the New Zealand networks don’t bother to censor anything on the news
25.  I have always wished I were skinnier, for as long as I can remember.