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My 3pm BFF – Getting over the hump with Natural Guarana

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New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Guarana 3pm comes everyday, like clockwork (groundhog day).  The figurative ‘end’ of a stay-at-home parents day and the start of the evening shift.  That’s how I’ve always thought about it anyway.

If I’ve not had enough sleep (every night!), not been for a run (oops!), not eaten well (Nixon’s crusts don’t count as lunch??) then the afternoons are prone to drag and become a battle of wits.  Me vs the boys vs homework, chores, dinner and bedtime.

This indian summer has seen me replacing my afternoon coffee with an icy cold Soda Stream and a tiny dash of guarana powder.  Before changing pm teams I needed to find out exactly what the hell guarana was and what it could do for me < there has to be something in it for me of course!

What is Guarana?

  • Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazon basin.
  • The seeds contain approx twice the amount of caffeine as is found in coffee seeds.
  • Guaranine, the caffeine found in Guarana is identical to that found in tea, coffee and mate

Sounds good.  Now how to use it?

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger GuaranaThe little bottle I have states 500mg as the recommended serving size which equates to roughly 1/10th of a teaspoon.  I’ve been making my fave SodaStream Waters flavours, adding 1 serving of guarana, ice and taking a moment to gather myself; read:  sit down for the first time all day, give Nix the iPad – don’t even, puhlease – maybe breathe a couple of times and perhaps read something that hasn’t originated on social media.  

Imagine that!

Ok I’m done being sarcastic because we all know I don’t really do any of those things (especially not the latter!).  I make my bubbly drink, put my go-go powder in it, which thankfully is entirely natural and not a Class A drug, knock it back and get on with the vacuuming.  You know it’s true.

I kicked my daily energy-drink-in-a-can habit almost 12 months ago as I was concerned about what was in my fave can of pep.  But I have missed it!  Totally happy to have found an alternative that has simplified that extensive list of ingredients, but also prompted me to do a wee bit of research and as a result set my mind at ease regarding what exactly guarana is.