nixon: you are extremely precious at the moment, a nasty combo of a full on head cold which is making it’s way through the family and tooth #2 is rendering you very adverse to sleep!  you won’t let daddy help you much but you do LOVE to sit and read Hairy Maclary with him.   over & over again.

E backstroke

ethan: despite having just come out of a cast and then a moonboot you blew my mind at swimming sports.   a week prior your teacher had simply entered you in one flutter-board race {which i rectified pretty quickly as even in year 0 you have never been in a flutter-board race and year 5 wasn’t a good time to start!}.  your results were amazing; 

* 1st place medley

* 3rd 1 length freestyle

* 2nd 2 length freestyle

* 2nd 2 length backstroke

* 2nd 2 length breaststroke

* 1st 4 lengths freestyle

* 3rd place class relay team

you were awarded Joint Year 5 Swimming Champion with your friend with whom you share a lovely, competitive relationship and both of you showed such sportsmanship towards each other.  i was just as proud of that as i was your impressive results.

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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  1. Go Ethan! What a great sportsman! And hope that tooth and cold subside quickly for your littlest man x

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