A Lesson Learned on the Field

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Do you remember that sporty guy at school? The one that was good at everything, who had the best gelled spike hair style and who was so cool he came across as mean 70% of the time? He could cut you to the quick with one withering look. These days he’s still really good at sports, probably has a Bieber-esque hair style, def wears fluoro boots and probably won’t invite you over to play.

E’s rugby team had a pre-season game last night against Cool Guy’s team. Throughout the week he hadn’t been too optimistic about the chances of a win, he was convinced Cool Guy had lightening pace and his team was stacked with 15 other Cool Guys who would run all over our boys. I hate that kind of talk. Anyone who knows me will be aware of my opinion that you don’t play to play well, you play to win. It’s fine if you don’t win, often you won’t, but you will never win unless you try, and if you lose you try harder next time.
I talked to E about believing in his team, about all the hard work they had done this pre-season, about this being their third season together and what that meant.
Cool Guys parting words to E at school yesterday afternoon were something delightful along the lines of “we are going to cane you so hard”. Sigh. E just suggested that it would be a fun game.

Cool Guys team went down. They were out-played and spent most of the game defending our try line.
It was awesome. E had the good grace and manners not to rub the fallen heroes nose in it and made sure to congratulate him on a good game afterward. I was very proud of his sportsmanship.

One of our team mums gave me a warning that I may have to pipe down on the sidelines this season as yelling at games started her labour twice last year! Ethan was rapt with this news and the imminent prospect of a quiet and un-embarrasing (HIS WORDS!) season ahead.