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Munch Review and Giveaway Mummy Blog NZI’m so pleased to have joined Munch Cooking this year as one of their Munch Mums!   Look out for my reviews and giveaways each month as I introduce you to some awesome {and pretty innovative} products from The Munch Cupboard.


This morning I had a total mummy fail; one of Ethan’s uniforms was dirty and the other was wet on the clothesline!  It was the perfect opportunity to try out Heart Felt’s organic wool dryer balls as I had 15 minutes to get E dressed and off to school.  I hate stressy mornings and E hates being late with a passion so I needed to get that uniform dry quickly!

Before I was sent them, I had never heard of dryer balls, so I headed to the Munch website to find out exactly what the benefits of using them were and what I was supposed to do with them.

Basically, you just pop them into the dryer with your wet clothes, kick back and not stress about the dryer being on forever because they speed up drying time!  YAY!  The densely felted organic wool balls also act as a fabric softener and remove static as they move through the clothes during the cycle resulting in soft, luxe feeling clothes without any additional product in your laundry.

So, what did I notice?  Speedy drying………check.  Ethan’s heavy shorts and shirt were dry in approximately 8 minutes – phew.  The yucky synthetic fabrics in his uniform were also noticeably softer after a cycle with the Heart Felt balls, I have actually NEVER felt them so snuggly before.

Heading in to the wet season when we start to use our dryer more regularly, this awesome New Zealand made product will be a lifesaver.  I’m a bit of a nana and monitor our power useage very carefully so anything that can cut down electricity use without sacrificing the little luxuries {like the dryer!} that make life a bit easier for me is so, so welcomed.

Head on over to FB  for a chance to win a set of Heart Felt Dryer Balls for your own family this winter, or pick some up from Munch RRP $25

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