Melissa and Ethan

A4A Blog Carnival | Day 1 Portrait Post

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I am participating in’s Advocating for Another (A4A) Carnival – Parenting Edition.  This is a month long event where health and parenting advocates write, share and enjoy!  The FB page can be found here for more info + grab the parenting prompts here and join in!  The blog carnival runs from August 21-28, 2012.

 Day 1: Write a descriptive portrait of your child/ren.  Share qualities that make them, them – and include an image!

The hardest part about this post is beginning.

I feel like Ethan is a mini-me in a mini-Dave’s body.  His physicality has always been apparent right from a very young age.  He was always a large child who loved to be held and adored close contact.  He is still a very touchy, affectionate boy, but one who has no concept of the brute force his body can exert!

His feet are broad and high, his little toenails on each foot are split just like his Dad’s are, his calf muscles, thighs, his whole damn body right up to the freckles on his nose are his daddy’s.

Ethan is strong physically but also mentally.  He may be described as obstinate, dominant, stubborn, wilful, precocious, proud and competitive with a sassy mouth, but he is more than that.  He is loving, sensitive, kind and very generous.  He is quick to show his emotions whether they are tears or anger.  His temper is all mine.

Ethan is a very talented writer and artist who loves to read.  Maths is not his thing though he does just fine in this subject.  School is easy for Ethan.  His teachers enjoy him as do his peers and he has a bevy of lovely friends whom he has played with for years now.Melissa and Ethan

Ethan is both sportsman and scholar.  Watching him swim so beautifully is a strange feeling as it is almost at odds with his haphazard, forceful physical presence out of the water.  In contrast, he is so suited to Rugby physically, yet he also needs Rugby for the valuable lessons it gives him in teamwork, respect and being one small part of a greater good.  Swimming is self-discipline, self-reliance and self-motivation for Ethan, Rugby is everything else – family, co-operation, belonging, selflessness.

Ethan is my greatest joy from which I never tire.  He is difficult to understand, and for some difficult to deal with, but I recognize him.  His language, his subtle nuances of personality and his perfectionism are also mine.

I love you Ethan Jack.

{I’m sorry Dave Jack, you are forever stuck with the two of us lol!}