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Beauty Review | La Mav Anti-Ageing Pack

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Lets be frank; there are hits and misses when you sample a lot of beauty products but when you stumble upon a winner, a genuine rave-worthy forever-after fave, well, then you MUST tell everyone about it.  It’s the only honourable thing to do however much you want to keep your dirty little beauty secret to yourself.  I have been using the four gorgeous products in the La Mav Anti-Ageing Pack for 3 weeks now and 21 days later I’m still excited every morning and evening when it’s time to use them.  Excited ladies!!!

For me there is one stand-out, super star product in this beautiful collection, the Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar.  This guy is my new BFF.  I hope I never have to sleep a night without this light, oily goodness on my skin because when I wake up in the morning, my skin actually looks rested and rejuvenated,  my skin looks better than when I went to bed!  I am not pulling your leg.  This serum actually does all of the things other products I have tried promise but fail to deliver on.  Stuff of miracles I’m telling you!

Also included are the Bio VA5 Wrinkle Smoothing Day Crème, Bio A7 Firming Eye Lotion and a sample of the Camiphora Extract Plumping serum {this will last for ages, I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and it still looks untouched!}.  The presentation box  is perfection, making this is a gorgeous collection that would be a 10/10 Mother’s Day gift.

La Mav products are 100% plant based, certified organic and cruelty free and are available at selected Health 2000 stores and other selected retail outlets.  Full list of retailers here