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Beauty Review | Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening

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I always thought I had white teeth.  

I know I have great, strong, cavity free teeth (yes it’s true!), but after living in America for 6 years where at-home whitening is something that everyone does, I realised that my teeth were definitely not as white as I would like.  Whitening products in the states are relatively inexpensive and easy to come by.  White strips, tooth pastes and gels containing peroxide are available at supermarkets, chemists and discount stores in myriad variations and brands, the only difference being the mode of application.

This is not the case in New Zealand.  I’ve just checked online and at one of our main nationwide supermarkets, there are only two at-home whitening options on offer after excluding all of the supermarket brand toothpastes – which have never worked for me personally.

Smile Brilliant offered me the opportunity to try their whitening system and I accepted because of two very important inclusions in the kit;

  1. This system includes custom fitted trays to actually hold the whitening solution against your teeth.  I used the common whitening strips when I lived in California and they are super fiddly, hard to apply and don’t cover all of your teeth.  Gels feel icky and gross and end up all over the inside of your mouth rather than staying on your teeth where you want the solution to be!
  2. Desensitizing gel to remineralize teeth following the whitening procedure.  I remember whitening strips sometimes hurting my teeth, a strange feeling to try and convey, but I was impressed with the addition of a post-whitening treatment to address this issue.

Mummy Blog new Zealand Best Savoury Crepe Recipe

The Process
  • The tray creation kit arrived super fast from the states
  • After reading the easy to follow instructions I mixed the catalyst and base paste together, and made the impressions of both my upper and lower teeth
  • After the impressions hardened I popped them in the padded bag that was provided and sent them back to the states to have my custom trays made – check out my dental molds below!  These are not usually returned to customers but it shows how thorough the Smile Brilliant process is.
  • 5 days later I received an email to say my trays were ready and winging their way back to New Zealand.  Amazingly fast service, and great email updates throughout
  • And then, they were here!  Super fast shipping is always appreciated, especially here in NZ.

The actual whitening process is much easier and comfortable than I had imagined, namely because the trays are so thin, soft and pliable.  I was expecting trays akin to a rugby mouthguard, but Smile Brilliant trays are near invisible and so soft and comfortable you forget you’re wearing them. 

Mummy Blog new Zealand Best Savoury Crepe Recipe Mummy Blog new Zealand Best Savoury Crepe Recipe

Points to note
  • Whitening systems (ALL of them) don’t whiten your actual teeth, they remove the stains from your teeth.  The natural colour of teeth resides in the dentin which lies below the enamel, no whitening system can change the colour of dentin.
  • The active ingredient in whitening systems either at the dentist or at home is the same – peroxide.  The difference between systems is simply the method of application.  For me this is where the efficacy in the Smile Brilliant system lies, the custom trays hold the whitening gel against your teeth for as long as you’re wearing them.
  • Smile Brilliant is not recommended for children under age 12-14, dependent upon when permanent teeth have erupted.
My thoughts?

The kit comes with 3 syringes of whitening gel and 3 of desensitizing gel.  This will last me for many applications as the trays sit so snugly against my teeth I only need a tiny drop against each tooth.  Ive used the system about 6 times and haven’t yet finished 1 syringe!  Because my teeth are naturally quite white and unstained, I’m using Smile Brilliant once a week to maintain my unstained teeth.  I’ve only just started drinking coffee so I’m pretty vigilant about keeping my pearly whites looking tip top.

I love this system.  It works.  It’s easy with NO mess.  It’s pain free.  It’s affordable.  It’s not a supermarket gimmick and my teeth look kick-ass.  

I’m happy to recommend Smile Brilliant 110%.

Mummy Blog new Zealand Best Savoury Crepe Recipe