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Trilogy Hydrating Body Cream Mummy Blogger NZ

As is to be expected from Lazy Girl over here, my skin usually turns into parched, crispy lizard-like scales over winter. Lots of pants, lots of leggings, not much razor and no effort in the moisturizing department don’t do much for a girl, let’s be honest.
But, sigh, it is the year of beauty and skincare here at The Best Nest so I’m stepping up my game and so has Trilogy.  They’ve reformulated their Ultra Hydrating Body Cream so hopefully I’ll won’t have to come out of hibernation in the Spring needing a full body work-up before I can bare my legs!

My desk is right next to my bathroom so I’ve been grabbing this product a lot when I’ve noticed my hands are dry, which is a great measure of how quickly it’s absorbed.  Result?  Very quickly considering this is an oil-based cream.  Infused with certified organic rosehip oil, the new formulation also includes cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and coconut extract.  Sounds like dessert, but it’s lotion, yay!

A point of difference in this product is the addition of natural mineral mica to reflect light and make skin a bit more glowy as we head into these dull winter months.  I need all the glow I can get so will be treating my skin with this lovely lotion all winter long!  

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream (150ml) RRP $29.90