Birthday Party Goody Bag DIY

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As I was shelling out dollars in the weekend for my loves 5th birthday party, one thing I just couldn’t buy was a pack of those ugly plastic goody bags that are used for like, 10 seconds before the lollies are devoured the toys are lost or broken and the bags are sent to landfill.  I decided to make some myself because, well I have all the time in the world.  HA.

We don’t get the newspaper delivered, because I like trees and can read the news online, so Dave went to the local 4Square and they happily gave him a day old paper for free.

I then cut a large potato in half and carved a backwards 5 into it and stamped the newspaper sheets to make them look purdy, cut them up and stapled the sides, filled them and tied them with raffia.

Easy, not too time consuming and cute – I think.  Oh, and no extra trees died in the making of this DIY.

Goody Bag DIY