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Well…..since Family Julz is doin’ it I guess I will too…….


Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?

Thanks  Mama Kat

Weeellll.  Dave found this surprisingly easy (am I that transparent?), I like to think of it as a case of ‘well a spades a spade’;

1.  Beautiful – the man’s smart you see ; )

2.  Smart – I’m trying I swear, the crazy pills help but sometimes there is just not enough room in this little head of mine!

3.  Stubborn – see I told you he was smart, though I think a brain-damaged llama could have told his Nepalese sherpa in sign language that I am one STUBBORN-ASS of a woman.

4.  Bossy – Moi?   (maybe a little)

5.  Precious – I think he means that I act like a big baby most of the time?

6.  Tough – I think he means that the rest of the time I don’t need anyone’s help, yeah that’s right!


So, I think he’s pretty spot on, did he miss anything?  Your comments please;