Ethan’s Certificates

Football Fever is taking over!

With the FIFA World Cup about to begin NZ is going soccer mad, Ethan loves his soccer, but is pretty casual about it…..until he is on the field then he doesn’t stop until he is a big red sweaty muddy mess.  Uggghhh, the allure of winter sports is slim to none I’m afraid, why can’t we get up at 7am every Saturday to stand out in a field in summer time?  Makes no sense.

The most amazing-est 5yo that EVER was

WARNING:  this post is about to make you cringe with mama-pride

Ethan has just finished his first full term at school and has definitely stamped his mark on his lovely, small country school.  He has participated in everything, has raced through the reading levels to the top group which consists of Ethan and one other girl, has made firm friends with kids of all ages throughout the school and has won award after award.  Best of all, he LOVES school.  We have not had one day this whole term where he woke up and said he didn’t want to go, WIN.

"Will we still be friends after I waste you in this race?"

Swimming Sports was a highlight of the term and an interesting day for all of the kids.  At age 5 most kids haven’t really EVER participated in a race where winners are recognised and trying your absolute best to be the best pays off.  Ethan got the hang of swim races pretty quickly (he should have as he has been in lessons since he was 3 months old!).  He was entered in 6 races and won 5, the last race was backstroke against the 7 year olds in which he entered himself!  I actually started to get nervous before his races, but he got a taste for winning and loved the competition aspect of the day.  We are just so proud of him and his amazing love of the water.

Ethan also received a Bumper Kids Award which is the highest recognition of excellent, socially aware behaviour in the school!

He received a classroom award for excellent story writing;

An Achievement Award for trying hard in everything he does;

And a Principal’s Award for excellent story writing.  This one is a BIG deal, they are not given out lightly!

Forgotten Photos

These guys used to be so cute and fuzzy, now a month later they are all long necks and legs.

These guys used to be so cute and fuzzy, now a month later they are all long necks and legs.

Ethan's First School Certificate

Ethan received his first award at school, luckily Nana was there to witness the presentation at the school assembly.  Ethan excelled in, wait for it…….STARTING SCHOOL!  We are so proud.

At Jaspers Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Jasper, Ethan is so glad to be your ‘most famous friend!’

Swimming Certificate

026 Ethan had an amazing lesson on Tuesday, he can swim freestyle perfectly now and is FAST.  He was so focused on Tuesday, and worked so hard.  I was very proud of him!

Athletics Ribbon


So Tuesdays are full on for Ethan, he has kindy in the mornings, comes home for a quick lunch, goes to swimming, has a rest than goes to athletics.  Tuesday was the first night of the Club Champs and Ethan loved the competition (as usual!).  His age group ran their 60m heats and finals this week, Ethan came third in his heat and 4th in the final!  Dave thinks he should score top three in the 100m final as he has quite a lot of stamina (don’t we know it).  It is funny how when you are talking about under 5’s a 100m race involves stamina, they have such little, chubby legs!