Shop Local – Undercover Sleeping Bags

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Coming up with super-stylish, innovative products is something kiwi women do amazingly well so it was no surprise to me to find out that the uber-cute range of Undercover Sleeping Bags for kids are designed, manufactured, and distributed right here in New Zealand by Marlborough resident, Kate Guthrie.

It’s almost our prime camping and glamping Summer season here in New Zealand and I can’t think of anything worse than trying to nod off to sleep in a sticky, hot sleeping bag made from entirely synthetic fabrics.  I actually wouldn’t be able to get Nixon to sleep in this way – the fuss would be unbearable.  And sweaty lol.

mummy-blog-new-zealand-blogger-mommy-travelblog-family-kids-sleeping BagsLittle peeps will LOVE curling up in their Undercover creations due to a few genius features that make these dreamy sleeping bags a kid-must-have that will be used and loved, year round;

  • 100% cotton outer and warm thermal padding – YAY, no more summer stickiness!
  • A pillow compartment!!!!  Soooo many time when camping I’ve been woken up because Ethan had lost his pillow in the night – usually because it’s slid off his slippery sleeping bag lol.  Once unrolled, you can pop a pillow into the all-in-one design.
  • No separate storage bag (to lose).  YAY, again lol.  The sleeping bag rolls up and is stowed into the pillow compartment.

I know many of you love to try and think outside the box when it comes to buying for your kids.  Shopping local, shopping small and supporting New Zealand creatives is an awesome endeavour and can make Christmas Shopping  SO much more fun when you can cut out the trips to the mall – and cut out the plastic fantastic toys that will be old news in a month anyway!  Undercover sleeping bags will be loved and used all year, for years, as they suit ages 2-12 ish – depending upon how quickly your pre-teen is growing of course.

mummy-blog-new-zealand-blogger-mommy-travelblog-family-kids-sleeping Bags

Shop the Undercover Range Now!

Available in 8 super stylish designs at $199 each, there’s an Undercover Sleeping bag to suit every little camper – or every little person having their first sleep-over at Nana’s –  How cute are these fabrics?

mummy-blog-new-zealand-blogger-mommy-travelblog-family-kids-sleeping Bags


How I shopped the H&M Launch in Auckland

If you’re a fan of global mega-brand H&M you’re probably already planning your first look and the new store at Sylvia Park that opened it’s doors for the VIP shopping preview last night.

Guests were not disappointed.  The red carpet was rolled out, shopping bags, champagne flutes, gorgeous canapes and wonderfully helpful sales assistants were everywhere in abundance.  Mum and I were among the first through the doors so we got straight to work before the 500 other guests rolled in!

The store is huge, do not visit if you’re in a rush or have small children – you will either lose them or wish you could lose them lol.  I’ve been to H&M in Sydney in a hurry and left feeling overwhelmed and far too old to shop there, when in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  You just have to have time to look and be selective.  The Auckland store is spread over two spacious floors, Ladies and Menswear on the ground floor, more ladies, intimates, activewear and kids on the 2nd floor.

Mum and I were methodical and brutal, if we weren’t sure on size we grabbed two so we wouldn’t have to hit the changing rooms more than once – that’s where the lines were.  I’d say most things are true to the sizes that we know here in New Zealand.  I loved the women’s wear, the little boys section was cute but I wasn’t wowed and the men’s department was pretty great to be honest.  Not entirely to Dave’s taste but this is where I’ll be bringing Ethan to shop from now on.

The price?  Ah-mazing, pretty much exactly what you’d pay in Aussie.  My favourite pair of jeans are from H&M and they were in stock at $29, the same price I paid in Sydney earlier in the year.

The Best Nest Shops H&M

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family H and M Auckland

L-R Off-the-Shoulder Dress $29.99, Chiffon Blouse $29.99, Jersey Top with Perforations $24.99, Skirt $59.99,  Vest Top with Frilled Sleeves $24.99,  Jersey Top with Puff Sleeves $14.99, Jersey Top $19.99, Patterned Cotton Cap $12.99, 5 Pack Socks $14.99, Printed T Shirt $12.99Blue Hat $7.99, Mustard Skirt $59.99,  Palm Tree Shirt $19.99, Cactus Shirt $29.99, Men’s Cap $14.99

So here’s most of my H&M Auckland haul, the red dress and Mustard skirt are definitely the stand-out pieces for me, the rest is mainly just comfy casuals.  Little things like nice socks for little boys that aren’t in goofy colours or overdone with patterns was a welcome respite and I LOVE the scorpion, desert-themed tee I picked up for Nix!

It was a really excellent opening party and I’m pretty sure 99% of those attended had a fab time – Mum and I sure did!

Good luck if you’re heading out tomorrow, it’s going to be absolute bedlam!  Have fun!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family H and M Auckland

Toddler Snow Gear – Warm, Dry and Super-Cute

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Kids ski wear

Last week we braved the long drive, the blizzardy weather, the LOUDEST two children on earth and made a family mini-vacation in the snow happen.  I’m going to need a whole year to recover before I attempt that again so I hope our little guys loved every second of it lol!  (Secretly I did too x).

Getting your family snow-ready is really an exercise in layering.  Dave and I have plenty of snowboarding gear – enough to outfit Ethan, so we just needed some updated thermals to get the 3 biggest Jacks packed.  This would be Nixon’s first visit to the snow so we needed to outfit him from the ground up.  Much easier than it sounds when your scheduling means you’re shopping for snow gear in Spring!

I found some little snow boots for Nix in a clearance sale and picked up everything else at Macpac.  They launched their new Spree Kids Ski range this season and it’s filled me with envy – I want his ski jacket and pants in an adult size, they are seriously amazing!


New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Kids ski wear

Spree Ski Jacket Kids $199.99, Spree Ski Pants Kids $159.99, Kids Mitts $29.95, Geothermal Crew Top Kids $29.99 (Now 2 for $30!), Geothermal Pants Kids $29.99 (Now 2 for $30!), Ski Socks Kids $19.99

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Kids ski wear

The first day we headed up to Turoa was in gale conditions, but, as the kids were jonesing to see snow we headed up the hill for a little play.  It was freezing!  I’ve never been so cold in my life.  Dave and I had neglected to put on our new Macpac Geothermals that morning but thankfully the boys were toasty and warm in theirs!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Kids ski wearI couldn’t believe that despite making snow angels in those conditions Nixon remained completely dry and warm – he pretty much spent the whole time we were there crawling around on his tummy in snow drifts so the waterproof membrane on the Spree pants and jacket passed the toddler test really well!

Our second day on the mountain was much improved.  Nix got on skis for the first time and had a blast, Ethan nailed his snowboarding lesson in the morning and charged hard all day with a friend he’d made in the class and I rented some skis for the first time (after snowboarding for 14 years!) and loved it!  Dave got the solo-mission and headed way up the hill for some good runs while I hung out with the kids and cheered Ethan on throughout the afternoon.

Our final runs were made with blue skies overhead and big smiles on everyone’s faces.  An awesome day made super-easy as neither of the boys ended up cold or wet, which meant no complaining!

A parenting win!  

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Kids ski wear

Things I LOVE about the Macpac Spree Ski Wear

  • The Spree Ski Pants come with the ‘Space to Sprout’ system meaning Nix will get two seasons from one pair!  You just unpick the red stitching in the lining to grow each leg by 4cm!    
  • Both jacket and pants have a waterproof, breathable membrane with insulation
  • Available in sizes 4-12
  • The hood on the jacket doesn’t fall down!
  • Waist snow gaiter on Spree jacket – perfect for preventing cold tummies during snow angel sessions
  • The Spree pants have velcro waist adjustment tabs
  • Nixie’s Mitts stayed on all day with no fussing from the little guy – snowballs ahoy!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Kids ski wear

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Kids ski wear

Head to Toe Spring Shopping – Toddler Lookbook Part 2

Last week I shopped online at The Warehouse* and was able to pull together a super cute spring outfit for Nixon in literally, a matter of minutes (you can check it out here).

This week, for Part 2 of my Head to Toe series, I shopped in-store at The Warehouse as I wanted to take a good look at the whole Spring range and check out the new arrivals in person.

I mixed-and-matched a series of outfits from the boys aged 3-7 range that form a pretty comprehensive Toddler Capsule Wardrobe for the season ahead.  

Spring can be notoriously tricky for styling due to it’s transitory weather, fleeting showers and sudden cold snaps.  Layers are your secret weapon here as you can easily add warmth and long sleeves while doing away with the bulk of winter outerwear.

All of the pieces I’ve picked will do double duty in the Summer months ahead.  The long sleeved shirts and pants are lightweight enough to wear once the sun goes down and the drop-hem tees and denim shorts won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Shop The Look

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Toddler Style

Jeans $29, Denim Shirt $25, Lumberjack Shirt $20, Wide Stripe Tee $15, Yoke Mesh Tee $15, Hi Canvas Shoes $20, Cap $12, Chino Kanga Pants Pants $29, Yarn Dyed Printed Tee Shirt $15, Zip-Thru Hoody $10, WZ Denim Shorts $20, Velcro Shoes $15.


If you’d like a $50 Gift Card from The Warehouse to kick-start a Spring Style make-over for you or one of your Little People, just comment below with your favourite item featured above and you’re in the draw to win!

Competition closes 15/9/16. NZ residents only.

*This post was sponsored by The Warehouse.

Head to Toe Spring Shopping – Nixon’s Toddler Lookbook

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Toddler Style

The weather’s not really giving much away at the moment but the daylight hours are gradually increasing and we’re all feeling like spring is  j u s t  around the corner.  Nix has jumped up another size over winter so it’s time to hit the shops again and restock his wardrobe.

My goal at the moment is to increase efficiency and productivity wherever I can – especially across all areas of “Mum Admin”. My life is too busy to be spent aimlessly wandering multiple shops, searching for random separates, hoping they fit and hoping they match.

I’m shopping online a little more for everyone this season and have kicked things off with an outfit for Nixon from The Warehouse*.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Toddler StyleOk.  Two things here;

  1. That super-cute sports style Tee has a drop hem at the back, sooooo on-trend right now!
  2. Those pants!!  Nix is super fussy about clothes, especially now that he is almost toilet trained and likes to free-ball 90% of the time.  These Kanga Chinos are super soft and comfy (I was expecting them to be stiff) as well as being totally stylish and practical.  Pair them with a button up shirt and you’ve got a fancy outfit.  

FYI; in our house clothes have 3 levels; Kindy, Going Out and Fancy.  I don’t mix their clothes together otherwise the boys will look like the feral grubs they really are ALL THE TIME and they will have nothing to wear on special occasions due to their innate ability to destroy clothes and shoes.

The price points at The Warehouse are perfect for my kids for this reason.  I can easily grab a couple of items for a wardrobe refresh and I’m not going to spend megabucks doing it.  Nixon totally needed some ‘Going Out’ level pants, but at this time of year it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money when he’ll be living in shorts soon enough.  These pants are perfection, you’ll wish you got two pairs I swear!


Chino Kanga Pants Pants $29, Yarn Dyed Printed Tee Shirt $15, Zip-Thru Hoody $10, Shoes $15.

Total outfit cost = $69 including shoes!  This is a perfect and practical look for my busy wee boy.  He’s comfortable, looks great and is totally ‘play’ ready, the key element to any toddler outfit.  Nix has been really sick with pneumonia this past week so it was such a relief to be able to grab an entire outfit online and nail it first time!  Yeah mama!

That’s my kind of shopping.

PS.  Don’t forget about those pants, they are seriously amazing! And keep an eye out in the next month for a wee video featuring my Nix.New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Toddler Style New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Toddler Style

*This post was sponsored by The Warehouse.

Swoon-worthy – Luxe Organic Cotton Sheets + a set for you!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family organic sheets

The words ‘luxe’ and ‘organic cotton’ seem like a bit of a juxtaposition in general but in the case of these gorgeous sheets from Babu they are totally synonymous.  

Nix is still waking quite often at night, climbing into our bed and then commandeering the lion’s share of our king-sized bed.  I never, ever imagined that I would wish we had upgraded to a super-king but then again I was never in possession of a Nixon before lol!  

Instead of toughing it out and being kicked in places that one shan’t mention, I now change camps and head for Nixon’s sweet little single bed that’s made up with the most divine set of sheets imaginable.  And I sleep.  Quite well to be honest!  

Babu’s 100% GOTS organic cotton stretch double interlock sheets are made from the the thickest, snuggliest and softest cotton I’ve ever felt in my life.  They literally transform Nixie’s modest (cheap!) single bed and mattress of dubious quality into one of my favourite places in the whole house.   Anyone that touches this fabric is blown away by the obvious quality and attention to detail.

The top sheet is fitted at the bottom end which is absolutely genius if you have kids who are wrigglers like mine, it makes making the bed each day a much more mum-friendly task lol.

I’ve washed these sheets multiple times and they still look and feel as good as the first day I popped them on the bed – without having to wash them first of course as they are organic!  Yay.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family organic sheets


If you would like to win a set of Babu’s gorgeous 100% GOTS organic cotton sheets just let me know which size and colour you would choose in the comments below; bassinette, cot or single and white, grey, grey star, pink star, yellow star.

Competition closes 7/8/16.  NZ residents only.

In the meantime, check out Babu’s amazing range here

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family organic sheets New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family organic sheets New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family organic sheets

Toddler Style | Merino Kids A/W 16 Spotlight

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Merino Clothing

Before merino was the hot buzzword (and rightfully so!) in kids clothing, there was one brand that had already identified it as a wonder-fibre and was creating innovative sleepwear that would be imitated the world over.

Merino Kids has been setting the standard in kids sleepwear since the company’s inception in 2003.  Founded by a Mum/Designer, Amie Nilsson, the company continues to innovate and is passionate about producing products that conform to a strict code of ethical and sustainable practices (you can read more about that here).  

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Merino Clothing

mummy-blog-new-zealand-mummy-blogger-mommy-parenting-merino-clothingEthan slept in the original Go Go Bag (he’s now 11) and I purchased three 2nd-hand bags to use after Nixon was born – the quality is SO good they just last and last and wash beautifully.  I actually can’t comprehend how anyone deals with sleeping babies and the myriad problems that present themselves throughout the varying ages and phases without Go Go Bags – they are top of my baby shower gifting list every time!

Autumn is here and winter will follow soon enough so I’ve made a promise to myself that I will season-proof the boys wardrobes before that first cold/wet snap hits and I’m scrambling because they have nothing suitable to wear.  This happens every year and I end up rushing to the nearest large-format retail store and impulse buy.  The Merino Kids Autumn/Winter 16 Lookbook is gorgeous.  Muted brights, classic stripes and luxe merino of course!  It’s hard to narrow down my faves from such a great capsule collection but I’ve picked my Top 4 pieces that Nixon will be snuggling up in over the coming months.

Merino Kids Winter Essentials 2016

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Merino Clothing

1.  Merino Vest $69.95
2.  Merino Leggings $59.95
3.  Merino Pajamas $99.95
4.  Standard Weight Merino Go Go Bag $199

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Merino Clothing New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Merino Clothing New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Merino Clothing New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Merino Clothing

Curating a Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog

I hope no-one ever feels sorry for me for not having any little girls to primp and style.  I know I’d love a daughter, but I have enough trouble picking out my own outfits each day (hence my ever-present ‘active wear’!) and dressing my two big/little guys really is so much fun!  Doubly so when you can go shopping without them every now and then.

The glorious weather we enjoyed last week was all the motivation I needed to head in-store to The Warehouse and get Nixon’s summer wardrobe rolling.  As I was shopping alone (did I mention how awesome this elusive opportunity was?!), I was hoping to create a Toddler Capsule Wardrobe.  

There are so many stylin’ tops and bottoms in the boys Summer Range this year that it was quite hard having to narrow down everything I grabbed off the racks and condense my ideas into just four outfits.  But, I did it and I love each of these looks!  The secret to creating the ultimate Mix ‘n Match toddler wardrobe is shopping for neutral shorts that can be worn with all of the tops.

Look #1 Hitting the Beach to Throw Sand at Your big Brother (who can’t retaliate!)

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Singlet Animal $12 (Check in-store), 2.   WZ Denim Shorts $12, 3.  Basics Canvas Play Shoes $5 

I loved this singlet when I picked it up, mesh detail on the yoke and a super cool retro-sports-vibe which our family is ALL about!  The sweet little denim shorts look long in the stock photo but are actually a very cute shorter length.  Love!

Look #2 Visiting Poppa and Dazzling him with my Fancy Shirt (so he doesn’t notice me terrorising his cat)

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Printed Plane Shirt $18, 2.  WZ Joshua Shorts $20, 3.  Basics Canvas Play Shoes $5

This little button-up is the BEST.  The all over print is so on-trend and is perfect for all of those summer BBQ’s and maybe even Santa photos!  The Joshua shorts are so good I got them in two colours, they are a heavy, stretch fabric that won’t crease and will be super comfy for all of that toddler-squirmy-goodness!

Look #3 Cruising Christmas Parades and avoiding Santa at ALL costs!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Split Front Tee $12, 2.  WZ Vinny Shorts $25, 3.  Hippo + Friends Check Shoes $15

I love Nix in black, and this graphic tee with mesh detail is the best, paired with those little slip-ons!!!  I die.  The Vinny denims are a great, hard-wearing option for a full-on kid like Nixie.

Look #4 Ready to Hustle Hand Stamps from Whomever is Holding (preferably a pretty lady)

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Yoke Stripe Tee $12, 2.  WZ Joshua Shorts $20, 3.  Hippo + Friends Check Shoes $15

The mix of fun neon with classic navy tripes is a total winner.  This shirt is bright so works perfectly with toned down, neutral shorts like the Joshua in khaki.

So cute right?  Every season when I head in to The Warehouse for some dedicated clothes shopping, I leave completely sorted and so happy that I was able to cross so much off my shopping list in just one store!  I will be going back to spend some time in the women’s section as I spied this and this (both of which I NEED to complete my Mum uniform lol).

I would love to hear where you are shopping for your summer staples and seasonal trends as the weather warms up!  Leave me a comment below with your shopping hotspots xx

Kids Style + Giveaway: Babiators > The BEST Kids Sunglasses in NZ

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor

I’m one of those people that wear sunglasses 365 days a year.  I NEVER drive without them, I never hang the washing out without wearing a pair, I run in them…….I simply love sunglasses.

And I want my kids to love sunglasses too.  The benefits of sun protection for little eyes (or eyes in general!) is without dispute, however; here’s some facts in case you need any further convincing;

  • UV exposure to the sun is maximised early morning and in late afternoon due to the angle of the sun, conveniently skipping many young children’s high-noon nap time!  Our bubs need to be wearing sunglasses when they’re playing outdoors – year round!
  • UV light can cause premature ageing but can also cause eye conditions such as cataracts and cancers on the surface of the eye.

I have purchased sunglasses for Nixon, we have been gifted some very expensive pairs of sunglasses, which we love by the way – thank you Rayban!-  But, Babiators are better.  Here’s why;

Nix loves wearing sunglasses, but he hates them falling and slipping off his face.  Which most of them invariably do.  This, in my layman/mothers opinion (lol) is due to their rigid frames, which are quite simply mini-adult sunglasses.  When you watch a toddler play, you notice that they are up, down, rolling around, jumping, running, stopping and starting…………kids require something a little bit more from their sunglasses than adults do, and that is an increased ability to actually stay on their face!  

Frogs and Toadstools sent Nix the coolest wee pair of Babiators sunglasses to kick off the summer season and both he and I absolutely love them.  The frames are made from flexible rubber that are virtually indestructible.  They grip and stick onto Nixon’s face without sliding off and are so light and comfy he seems to forget he’s wearing them – which stops him fiddling and taking them off every second minute!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor

The lenses are also impact- and shatter-resistant and offer 100% UVA and UVB  protection from the sun. Babiators is the only children’s sunglasses brand to offer a Lost & Found Guarantee: if a child’s Babiators are lost or broken within one year of purchase, Babiators replaces them…Guaranteed!  That’s ridiculous.  But ridiculously awesome right?  These dapper shades are available in a range of awesome colours and two different sizes;

  • Junior Babiators sunglasses fit most babies and toddlers ages 6 months – 3 years.
  • Classic Babiators sunglasses fit most children ages 3 – 7+ years.

Nixon, though only 2 years 3 months, is massive so he’s wearing the Classic size – unfortunately the green he is wearing has been so popular they have sold out!  Isn’t he I mean, aren’t they so cute?! 

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor

You can shop the range from Frogs and Toadstools here, PLUS there is free shipping in NZ from 17 October – 1st November!  Prices start at $39.95 for the Junior and Classics, $64.99 for the polarised options and $59.95 for the Aces range (age 7-14 years)

If you would like to win a pair of Junior or Classic Babiators for your stylish little person just head over to The Best Nest on Facebook and follow the instructions on the competition image.  Comment below for a second entry!  Competition closes Sunday 1st November 10pm.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween DecorTop Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



No baddies allowed – Pineapple Heads All Natural Hair & Bath Care Products for Kids + Giveaway!

It’s not weird to want to eat your kids bubblebath right?  Like actually just charge it back straight from the bottle………I think I need an intervention people!

After using and loving the Pineapple Heads shampoo on Nixie’s golden locks earlier in the year, I was freaking pumped to get the whole range into the bathroom and lather the boys in some yummy, all natural, New Zealand made goodness.  

Lord knows they need  m o r e  washing.  

It’s June, the early days of a cold and gloomy winter are upon us and Nixon was in {physically IN} the vege garden this morning at 7.40am.  Digging in the dirt.  Having the time of his life.  This is standard procedure around here.  Hence the child bathes a lot.

This is where I worry.  It’s not entirely uncommon for him to shower twice a day, and the effect on his beautiful baby skin is quite apparent.  It gets really dry and bumpy and he loses his deliciously soft and squishy touchability if I’m not careful with the products we use.  Not only that, but exposing his skin to such frequent product application is not something I take likely.

My sporty, outdoor-loving, landscape destroying boys have taken to the Pineapple Heads range like pigs to mud.  Me too.  I could happily huff the stuff all day long, but you know, totes inappropriate.  Everything just smells SO DAMN GOOD!  Think nectarine, coconut, hibiscus flower, peaches, honeysuckle, mango, papaya, lime, lotus flower………..seriously every product in the range is a veritable fruit salad of yummy bubbles.  Pineapple Heads Founder Megan (who is a Mum herself) developed her kid friendly fragrances with a French Parfumer who specialises in natural and organic scents!  Fancy.

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

Good news;  we have been using Pineapple Heads exclusively for a week and Nixie’s skin is loving it!  I was rubbing lotion on him after every shower, but have found that I’m not having to do it every time now.  The ‘No Baddies’ formulations in the range seem to have eliminated the drying effect that bathing has on his skin.  Now I just wish for a tropical scented moisturiser for kids to complete the range!  

My big boy Ethan is also down with the yummy smells now on offer in the bathroom.  He has hair like steel wool but I’ve always struggled with getting him to consistently use conditioner to soften his mane, the extra step in an already arduous part of his day  – that would be bathing – has always been a step too far.  The peach, honeysuckle and lemon balm conditioner is doing the job it’s designed to do and softening and smoothing his coarse hair.  I’m stoked and he’s now amped on washing, though always seems to emerge from the shower hungry?

Very Important things to Know;

  • Pineapple Heads products contain No Baddies.  No silicones, polyethylene glycol, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, harsh surfactants and is cruelty free, yay animals!
  • Pineapple Heads is made in New Zealand, designed by a kiwi mum!
  • You can buy Pineapple Heads online here >
Pineapple Heads are rad and they want you to get scrubbing with the good stuff too!  Head over to our Facebook page where you can win an ah-mazing bounty of products plus a hilarious new picture book called Jimmy Shampoo and the Nasty Grey Goo!  Be quick, competition closes Wednesday June 10th.

Mummy Blogger New Zealand