Covid-19 Stay Home NZ

Corona Diaries – Lockdown #3

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It’s Saturday here in New Zealand, our first Lockdown Weekend with a few more to come.

It’s very typical late March weather, gorgeous blue skies, cooler temps throughout the day, I’m actually wearing sweatshirts here and there!

That’s one of the nerve-wracking things I worry about, how bad is Coronavirsu going to be as we head into Winter? Imagine the paranoia of getting ‘regular’ sick and stressing that is Covid-19? Worries like these feel like a pot of popcorn on the stove, jostling and bumping each other, trying to smash the lid off so they can see the light of day and really kick the anxiety up a notch!

The boys haven’t lost their shit yet (neither have I!) so I’m very proud of all of us. Dave and I are keeping our daily routines going as much as we can. It’s super important I reckon. I was vacuuming yesterday (I do this every day) and Ethan asked why I was worried about the house being tidy, “Noone is going to judge us, Mum!”. I replied that I try to tidy up every day so why would I stop now? Keeping expectations familiar and structured works in our house and both the boys rely on these behavioural cues to navigate their days.

So, as usual, we did F45 in the morning, Nix, Dave and I went for a walk, the boys played basketball then went for another walk……..we grabbed the kids ice creams from the dairy…..

Yeah normal as lol.

I’m trying to do one *extra* little housework job each day so our house may be in a better state at the end of lockdown then it was at the beginning. And I do mean LITTLE job – there’s definitely no need to rush! So today I cleaned all the mirrors and the plan for tomorrow is to wipe down and disinfect all of the windowsills.

Sunday is sounding epic!