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  • Realising we’ve all been scammed by this Easter/school holiday combo deal.
  • Listening to consecutive tantrums and headbanging on the concrete floors.  What the f*ck child?  
  • Needing to sleep for at least 4 days straight.
  • Enjoyed a lie-in this morning until 7.06am at which time the boys descended armed with balloons and proceeded to volleyball slam them into my face at which time terrified shit-zu pounced on my victimised face with his paws claws seeking refuge.  Good morning indeed.
  • Admitting that I despise balloons and will be popping them as soon as children are out of range.
  • Needing someone to take children out of range.
  • Acknowledging that there are only two concerns in my ten year old’s head right now; food and wrestling.  Everything else gets lost in the large void between his ears.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with school holidays, the loss of my Nan, paid work commitments piling up, toddler Mummy-ing and the neglect of my lovely blog :  (
  • Feeling overwhelmed at balancing all of the above whilst Dave travels to Wellington AGAIN next week for work.
  • Wishing Dave and I could go on all of The Bachelor Dates together, without The Bachelor ’cause that kinky stuff is not my jam.
  • Rueing the freaking ball pump that seems to grow legs and relocate from the garage to my living room over and over and over again #nonixonno (Edit: ball pump now joined by inflatable flotation ring and Ethan’s bike helmet, items I handle at least three times per day, when really……. IT’S FREAKING AUTUMN! Piss off pool floatie!)
  • Thinking that the recurring ball pump et al are actually very minor blips in the totality of The Demise of Housework right now.
  • Setting myself mini-tasks to displace the so-much-to-do anxiety.  This looks like; peg out 25% of laundry, retreat to pantry for chocolate reinforcements and hide from kids.  Repeat.
  • Trying to bolster spirits and prop eyelids open for a Pinterest-perfect end to the first week of the school holidays.  Tomorrow.  Not today mmkay?