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This week has had a frantic feel, one of those weeks with a multitude of appointments, people to call, things to schedule, bills to pay…… sans husband of course.  But Dave has been available via the inter webs to help me make a big decision for Ethan – thank god because I was just dithering on my own.  Ethan is very gifted in reading, writing and spelling, he always has been.  Language comes naturally to him and has since he was 9 months old {that was a fun month – a walking and talking wham-bam!).  Maths however, not so flash.  Not bad, not so bad that it has ever drawn any attention, but the disparity between his numeracy strategies and the brilliance of his language skills has become an ever widening gulf this year.  He has slipped through the maths groups and has simply failed to progress.  Time for some outside intervention.  I probably could have given his teacher some time to pull him up to where he should be, but quite frankly maths is a big deal and sitting on the mat playing learning games  isn’t serving E any purpose.  After running it by Dave he agreed that the $48 outlay {ouch right?} for one session per week was an investment that Ethan needed.  Time to catch up before he really gets left behind.

With that being only one of the spendy decisions on hand this week {the house reno is back into bleeding money mode}, I have made it to Thursday and that is lovely.

Currently Loving

So much!  I bought quite a stash of nail polishes back from the states because faves like Orly, O.P.I and Essie are only $7ish per bottle, beats paying $25 here.

China_glaze_rose_among_thornsChina Glaze – Rose Among Thorns is the first one I have tried out and I LOVE it.  It’s a matte neon, goes on beautifully and looks fab.  Available in NZ from www.candy for $14.95

Also loving Man O’ War Pinot Noir (I was given 6 bottles of the 2006 vintage and can’t find it on their website, but it’s delish).  I’m ashamed to say I opened my first bottle of red wine for the winter on Monday night.  And it’s actually spring.  I used to look forward to a nice red on a cold night, luckily it seems spring hasn’t arrived with a abundance of warmth so I’ve probably got a few more nights of dark chocolate and wine ahead of me!


Still slogging away at the first book in the Game of Thrones series by George R.R Martin.  Slogging sounds so derogatory, which is terrible as I LOVE this book.  I just haven’t prioritised finishing it!  Kindle says I’m 80% of the way through so I’ll wrap it up this week.

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Honestly, nothing much.  I would rather be writing or reading.  I can get sucked into The Block for about half an hour before I get antsy.  Truth be told, since Mum, Dave and I bought this house the only show I watch with any regularity is Shortland Street!  I haven’t watched this since I left home at 20 but apparently it’s fairly easy to pick-up where you left off even after thirteen years!

Thinking about

Our house, the renovations and prioritising the many remaining to-dos, Dave in Italy – if I don’t hear from him my mind starts to wander and I worst-case-scenario everything.  I’ve also been spending a lot of time thinking about this blog and where it’s headed.  The conclusion of one project has given me a little freedom to relax and just do what I want -which is what you should be doing on your own blog right?

Surprised by

The lack of hours in the day, constantly.  The treadmill-like feeling of getting up, school drop-off, going to work, school pick-up, after school activities, chores, dinner, bedtime…..blah blah is relentless.  And that still surprises me.  I can’t remember feeling like this when I was a SAHM.  probably because at the end of the day, when you’re at home, you are master of your own destiny {as much as the little people will allow of course}.  If you don’t want to get out of your jammies, the reality is, you really don’t have to.  I miss those days, sometimes!  The grass is always greener isn’t it….

Making me sad

Our soldiers dying in Afghanistan and the lack of respect certain people show for the armed forces, their sacrifice in service, and the honour in their deaths.  Whether you agree with the war or not these men and women deserve nothing less than our utmost support.

Making me happy!

Crossing things off my to-do list every day, coming home and seeing the last two new windows installed, seeing my little guy happy at Numberworks DOING MATHS, my mum and our house x