Ermahgerd. I just did a YouTube workout.

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and I finished it.  20 minutes of workout insanity IN MY KITCHEN.  Kind of, it was ballet. ish.

I was waiting for the jug to boil the other night {sad but true, the wine bucket has been subbed out for a steaming mug of hot blackcurrant lately ::::sigh:::: we are all sick}, I noticed what long kitchen benches we have, and how swishy our new floors are.  Snippets of ballet barre routines came back to me and I smashed out a few plies and thought that I would quite enjoy a bit of ballet again.

So this morning while avoiding important things like housework, I did a YouTube search for ballet barre routines and cracked in to the first one that was about 20min long.

I did years and years of dance, it was a compulsory partner to gymnastics training, and this routine was such a good throwback for my inner-adult-ballerina.  I really enjoyed it and my legs got a great workout.  I can now say for sure that I still have butt muscles , tiny as they may be they came alive during my impromptue kitchen bench barre routine, which also included abs and arms!  Yah – “Hello Girls!”, now pass the Old Gold.