Ethan and his mates

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Driving to the playground yesterday Ethan was telling me about his day at kindy;

Ethan: “I put my arm around Sinead and patted her on the back ’cause she is my bestest friend”

Me: “That was so sweet,  I bet you made her very happy”

Ethan: “Yes, but I just can’t wait to grow up, sometimes I just can’t wait!”

Me: “Why?  and what has that got to do with Sinead being your bestest friend?”

Ethan: “Well, when I grow up I want to be just like Daddy and be Daddy’s bestest friend”

Me: “I think you are already Daddy’s bestest friend, why do you need to grow up quickly?”

Ethan: “So we can hang out….and drink beers….as well as go skateboarding, Daddy is REALLY into skateboarding and drinking beers”

The boy speaks the truth, can’t argue with that!

Is that not the sweetest thing ever?  Nothing like beer to bring a father and his 4yo son together.