Ethan on Religion

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Ethan was 2.5 when he began attending a Baptist Pre-School.  It wasn’t our first choice but he was too young to get into the public kindy.  All was good, he had a fabulous time and his only episode of dissent was when he refused to wear his wise man costume in the Christmas Pageant.  He figured he was ‘wise’ enough dressed as Ethan-himself. 

We were reminicing the other night, talking about the ‘old’ days and the two kindys past, I asked if he remembered his days at the Babptist Kindy, he thought about it, noted that yes he did and was that the one in the church?

Yes I said, it was a church kindy

Yeah, Ethan replied, I remember that one.  It was NOT so good.  It was in a church and I didn’t even get to see God!

ROFLMAO, for reals.

In a similar vein, after one night with Florida in the house he decided that he had to say his prayers before he went to sleep. He didn’t quite articulate it this way though.  I was tucking him in tonight, and he told me he needed to do his godblasts.  WTF.  I have never heard this particular Ethanism before and was stumped.  He explained;

“Mama before you go to bed you need to ask God to blast all of the people you love, so…..God blast Nana, God blast Grandad, God blast God, God blast Louie and Marl and Moll, God blast you and Daddy and Meemee and Sinead.  That’s how you do God Blasts”. 

Of course it is Ethan. Let me know how you all are feeling after your God blasting this evening!

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