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Family Fun | Autumn in the Auckland Domain

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Nixon has been obsessing over fallen leaves this season, finding the tactile stimulation of crunching and kicking, throwing and scooping so much fun.  We were in Auckland City earlier this week so decided a visit to the Domain would let the kids blow off some steam after running a few errands.  Last week brought ALL the rain to New Zealand and this week it seems the temps have plummeted requiring us to get our puffa vests and layers on – aside from Ethan of course, shorts year round is the way my big guy rolls!


We parked below the Museum and took our time playing and climbing amongst the beautiful root systems of the Magnolia trees and eventually meandered across to the duck ponds and Winter Gardens – a must visit exhibit that changes with the seasons.  The Auckland Domain is seriously stunning.  Visiting mid-week  meant it was virtually deserted and the boys were able to take their time {think  s l o w } and poke as many ‘pwetty fwowers’ as they liked.  

It’s easy to forget how much kids love space, taking them to a large (safe) park is eye opening.  Given the freedom to move about as they wish, they seem to grow and expand, exploring without the confines of Mum or Dad half a step behind.  It’s liberating and important for both parent and child but most of all super fun xx



Cotton On Kids Winter Mummy Blogger NZThe Boys Style

Both of my lucky wee chaps are wearing new season styles from Cotton On.  The boys winter range is amazing, it would be so easy to build a toddler-capsule-wardrobe from their collection of separates, everything is on-trend, on-budget and totally easy to mix and match.

Nixon wears the Classic Trainer, D Marco Skinny Leg Jean, Ruben Puffer Vest, Striped henley and the most gorgeous felt cap I’ve ever seen!  IT HAS EARS!!! < Have a look in store for the henley and cap as they are no longer available online.

Ethan is unfortunately too big for the gorgeous Cotton On Teen range which suits sizes 10-14, so we shop small mens for him; he wears Harris Puffa Vest, Brunswick Slub Crew Fleece and have a look in stores for his beanie as it’s no longer available online.



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