First Days {or daze?} | Newborn Nixon

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Everything is measured in 2 hour increments in our house at the moment.  Life revolves around our sweet little alarm clock who is always hungry and not too fond of sleeping {or of me putting him down}.

I had forgotten how long it can take to get anything done with a new baby in the house as previously simple tasks such as vacuuming can now span multi-feeding/napping cycles.  It’s 12.53pm, Nixon is eating and I’ve been trying to get in the shower since 8.30am.  My last window of opportunity was stolen by a rain shower forcing me to rush out and move the washing from the big line to the covered one.  At least the washing got hung out right?

I am tired.  I just about hit the wall yesterday afternoon and remembered to do that thing that everyone tells you to do before baby is born – sleep when baby sleeps.  I had not allowed myself this luxury yet, not once.  Nix and I napped and woke up to to super happy Dave and Ethan.  They had been to the pub to get a special ‘Spider’ icecream soda to celebrate Ethan’s selection in his clubs Rep rugby team and had together cooked the most amazing dinner of shrimp risotto and gurnard.  It was delish, and just what I needed.

This afternoon we are Leaving The House.  For the first time.  Dave is at the office today and E has a make-up swimming lesson.  I’m pretty darn excited to tell you the truth!