Five things.

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As I wind up my final week at work before three weeks of stress vacation {!!!!!} I find myself being the perfect Gen-X’er and wishing to consume more, MORE MORE.  Just in case you were looking for some ways to part with your cash, this weeks Five Things is brought to you by my stomach and my empty wallet.


  • First on my list is avocados.  I despise this time of year when buying avos is totally hit and miss.  I also feel cheated about only getting to eat ONE Reed avocado this season!  Just as well Mum planted a tree for us, I’m going to Miracle-Gro the shit out of it!


  • Second:  I need more water, possible a drip for a day or so.  To say I’m struggling with water intake is an understatement at best.  I have more favorable options, and water plays second fiddle most of the time.  Must try harder.


  • Bacon.  Bacon bacon bacon bacon.  Craving it.  Luckily my awesomely healthy “Melissa’s Special Meat, Cheese and Anything that isn’t a Carb diet” lets me eat a lot of bacon.  I still find it’s not quite enough.  There is always room for more bacon.


  • Time is something I’m thinking a lot about lately.  Especially, what I’m doing with my time and how to find more of the damn stuff.  I would ideally like another 4pm every day.  This is the best hour.  The after school feeding frenzy is done, bags are unpacked, lunch-boxes washed, washing off the line.  It’s a good hour for me, so I’m putting in a request for two of them.

Friendship bracelet

  • I really can’t get enough of little handmade, simple friendship bracelets.  I’m fairly sure that I could wile away a good week just playing with beads and varying types of string and yarn and making hippy bracelets for all of my kin {that’s what a hippy would say!}.  I also love teal and red together.

Let me know what Five Things you’ve got on your mind this week xx