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I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!




  • I’m totally loving FREE swag, the gorgeous O.P.I polish was sent courtesy of the lovely Jenene at, thanks doll!
  • I’m also loving Ethan’s swimming styles, he is back-stroking, breast-stroking and free-styling through his lessons, hopefully he canes the field at swimming sports next week {isn’t the bunting cute!}.

  • I do, I do, I do love this boy-ness.  {I do, I do……..}  ::sigh::

  • Dave is currently on fire in the kitchen, though not literally – that would be concerning.  This chicken taco salad was amaze

  • The potential stormy weather tomorrow is just what I want.  A quiet, cosy family day.  This week has stressed me out, I seriously wanted to book the three of us a hotel room in the city tonight and hole up!

  • But….most of all I am loving….. OURNEWHOUSETHATWENTUNCONDITIONALTODAY!!!!!  In case you missed that – we have bought a house, with Mum!  We move in at the end of April when the renovations begin!  I can’t wait and also can’t believe how lucky I feel to finally have my own mortgage – crazy I know!