From Paisley Jade | Things I’m Loving

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  • I am loving a weekend that finally felt a little bit like a weekend.  We took Saturday off, so to speak, and cruised around Auckland, doing a bit of shopping, eating, exploring, gelato and the boys hit up a new skate park.  It was lovely.  As was the summit of Mt Eden, born and raised in Auckland and I had NEVER been up there!  Def the windiest place I have ever experienced -probably not the ideal winter destination, but the view is worth it (sorry, no pic of the view, I prefer this one of my boy & I x)

  • Dave and I are both loving Game of Thrones {we had a brief free month of Soho channel on Sky and got good and hooked}.  This show is amazing, I never imagined myself a fan of a medieval/LOTR/Braveheart mash-up but I LOVE this show.  We are only two episodes in but we are major fan-boys already.  Plenty of gratuitous sex, gore and violence so be warned.

  • Ethan and I are swooning over The Lorax.  Thanks to Coup de Main Magazine we were able to go to a preview screening in 3 D this morning – including goodie bags and CAKE POPS from Whoopie!!!  Such fun.  The Lorax may be the definitive animated movie of our time.  I’m seriously going to throw that out there.  Review to come but it’s amaze.  Loved it.  Whoopie is opening tomorrow in Grey Lynn, so make sure to pop in next time your sweet tooth comes calling because their cake pops are the business.

p.s.  E totally loved the 3D glasses, he swears they are just the bestest sunglasses!

  • Finally I am loving about 6kg of GOLDEN QUEEN!!!! peaches for just, wait for it, one dollar and ninety six cents.  Sure, they aren’t the most beautiful looking peaches, but most of them aren’t even ripe!  Such a find.  Without question my fave summer fruit, Golden Queens seem to be getting rarer each summer, there is no other peach quite the same.  Oh I baked up a storm this arvo and have found the ultimate peach pie recipe, will share soon.

I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!