Good Day Stats

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CRAVE:  Mainland Special Reserve Blue Brie

COOKED:  Turkey Meatballs

OMG.  I have a new favourite meat.  Turkey is a staple in the states, it is super lean, yummy and really cheap over there.  Quite the contrast to here.  However, Dave and I were shopping in Countdown and I saw 500gm of turkey mince for $5.50.  I admit it has been in the freezer for a month as I never enjoyed turkey mince in America.  Tonight I mixed it with breadcrumbs, 1 egg, onion, garlic, coriander, S & P and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, rolled into small balls and baked at 200 for a while.  These little meatballs were so good!  Turkey NEVER tasted this good in the states, I am hooked and the best part was, there was NO fat or greasy after taste.  Highly recommended by The Jacks.

LOVE:  My New iphone

How sexy is that?  I am completely enamoured with the myriad camera apps available, they are so much fun for the little hobby photographer in me.

HOPEFUL:  For more rain, we got a fair bit today, but the ridiculousness of having to stress about water is really wearing me down.