Haircut #2

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Lou had a close call this week.  His fur grows like a weed, and being recessionary times I figured that surely I could give him a trim myself rather than pay $50 for a trip to the groomers?  Yeah-no.  Seeing as how I don’t own a set of dog clippers I took to my poor Shi-Tzu with scissors, his flank very quickly began to look terraced like I was trying to cut rice-paddy fields into his fur or something.  Quickly realizing the error of my ways, I bundled Ethan and Lou into the car and rushed to our dog groomer.  She was busy, and fully booked until after Easter.  Obviously Louie couldn’t be seen out in public looking like he’d been attacked by one of the Torbay crazies.  With no other option and after a few harried phone calls, Debbie told me that the Nose-to-Tail dog salon hires clippers for $15.  I was taking Lou’s luscious locks into my own hands again.  Luckily it all worked out well and Lou looks like a million bucks.  It took me an hour and a half, but hey $15 = bargain.

Lou's New Do