Happy Birthday Ethan!

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What an exciting day, you woke up this morning with absolutely no idea that there would be presents there.  Poor darling, you thought you had slept through your party and your friends had left their gifts in the lounge for you!

Your favourite toys of the morning were the two Nerf pistols that shoot our foam darts, this was a surprise as we thought Transformers would definitely consume all of your attention.  Grandad gave Daddy the day off work so we were all together on your birthday.  We listened to the radio in the morning as there was a special Happy Birthday Message from Nana and all of the puppies, you couldn’t believe how Lou-bear had managed to tell the radio man that it was your birthday!

You wore your new spider man outfit all day until it was time for your party.  We had a wonderful time with all of your friends, Nana, Grandad, Hadyn and Aunty Karen and cousin Jake.  Happy birthday big boy, we love you so much!

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Your Transformer Cake

Baked by Daddy, decorated by Mama

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Your beautiful new bike!

Thank you Nana & Grandad!

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