Holiday Makeup | Island Style

Holiday Makeup | Island Style

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Compared to my 12 pack of skincare products, the makeup I took to Rarotonga was much more carefully curated.  I figured (correctly) that as soon as I got a bit of sun on my cheeks I would be sans foundation, blush, highlighter, contour, bronzer, yadda yadda most days.  So, only the basics got a boarding pass.  Lips, light coverage, concealer, mascara, illuminator and brows (not pictured).   Only the basics lol.

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Dermalogica Sheer Tint spf20 Medium RRP $79

Welcoming Sheer Tint back into my life was like meeting an old friend again.  The proliferation of BB Creams from other brands saw me shy away from my faithful pal for a year or so but now I’m back and loving this excellent update on a beauty classic.

Described as the last step in skin care and first step in makeup, the 2015 reformulation sees the inclusion of Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder to promote radiant beauty and health.  Sheer Tint provides more coverage than leading BB Creams but mineral ingredient Iron Oxide creates a perfectly sheer colour wash resulting in a natural, glowing finish.

Oil-free, must-have, SPF20 everyday makeup.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer RRP $38Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

On some days, some spots need a little more coverage and the best concealer I’ve ever discovered is this little pot of camouflage from Benefit.  Boi-ing stays put all.day.long.  I apply it with my fingers as in this slightly cooler weather the warmth softens it, then I blend with a brush for a perfect finish.  Cannot rave about this product enough.  Concealer is an important part of my daily makeup routine and I’m so stoked to have finally found one that I love!Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

NARS Illuminator – Orgasm RRP $30 USD

NARS make the most amazing cheek colours, I’ve had my Orgasm blush for a couple of years now and it pops that dewy glow like no other powder.  But with highlighting/strobing/all the glowing going on I felt like I need to up my game.  I added this liquid illuminator to a recent Sephora order and it’s now my favourite little secret to help me look refreshed, with a natural glow that doesn’t quit.  Available in NZ from Mecca Cosmetica.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara Black RRP $39.34

No surprise here, EOH Goddess Mascara is the product that kicked off my love of makeup so it was a non-negotiable inclusion in my vacation  kit.  Never clumpy, no pandas, lengthens like a dream.  With a little holiday glow going on, I would often leave the house with nothing more than some balm, a little illuminator on my cheeks and a quick swipe of mascara to upgrade from beach to cocktail hour in a second.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand BeautyBenefit Chachabalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm RRP $34Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

A touch of  colour was totally necessary for an easy, beachy look but it had to have super-duper moisturising properties as well.  Chachabalm is creamy, not slick and sticky and is heaven on dry lips.  This is def more of a treatment product than a gloss or tint so was the right choice for a sunny vacation, great staying power is a big plus, as is the addition of juicy mango butter – yum!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Bare Pop RRP $46

This is my second Pop Lip Colour in a seriously wearable, everyday shade.  My lips-but-better pigment, long wearing and a lovely creamy non-drying formulation that feels very natural.  The addition of primer in the formulation is what sold me on Clinique Pop, when you do experience wear over the day through eating and drinking, there’s no ‘tide’ mark left around the edge of of your lips which I can’t stand.  A demi-matte finish which in this shade is perfectly casual and just what I wanted.

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm Super Strawberry RRP $40Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty

I love chubby sticks because they are so easy to use and so versatile.  I didn’t take any blush on the trip but Super Strawberry can do double duty as a lip or cheek pigment!  The never-needs-sharpening case also eliminates the need to pack a sharpener!  Clinique, you’re so smart!


Top Mummy Blog new Zealand BeautyBillion Dollar Brows Mad About Brows Palette RRP $59

Ahhhh brows.  Saved the best for last?  Maybe, but if you’re wanting quick, non-fussy makeup while holidaying, then, baby do your brows.  I was a dedicated brow pencil fan until I received this palette.  Billion Dollar Brows have nailed it with this combo of four brow powders, sculpting wax and mini brow brush.  Once you get used to using the angled brush, brows become foolproof and easy, held in place with the super pliable wax that sets to a naturally defined finish.