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Another 5am start to get ready and get to the Consulate by 7.45am.  Seems a bit silly to leave that early, however, as soon as I got on the Nor-Western it was gridlocked.  Stressy and stabbier than ever, I almost turned around right then.  It is unbelievable how hard this has been.  I did get some answers today though, it turns out that I was deported in 2008 and THAT is why my visa waiver was denied.  How could something like that have slipped my mind, more importantly, how was I deported when I lived in NZ?  So visa approved though not in hand.  There are two more obstacles in my way.  One is actually getting my passport + visa back before my scheduled flight on Friday.  Too make the wedding on Sat in Chicago, the latest I can leave is Friday night {which will mean buying a whole new plane ticket if I miss the morning flight}.  Then, I have to negotiate Customs in the US, who could lock me up and deny me entry – because I’ve been deported remember?

The upside is I have lost 1.5 kgs in 48hrs.  Yay a stress diet!  It’s lonely here by myself, god knows what state I’d be in if I didn’t have four dogs to watch the Olympics and cry with.

I found these little notes in my truck from Ethan;

Post it Notes from Ethan


I also got to FaceTime with the guys when they arrived in Chicago this afternoon.

More tears.  A good sleep tonight and a non 5am start will hopefully see better luck tomorrow.