Owl Cushion, Freedom Furniture

House Update | Week 3

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Things are happening!

Yesterday was about as good as a Monday gets, or at least better and more calm than last Monday.  We can now find our clothes, shoes and television!

A good 35% {I would say} of the interior plastering and painting has been finished, our room, our lounge and office, toilet and bathroom are all freshly painted with glistening white wooden joinery!  Love it, and the half-tea walls.  We are no longer living off the dining room table and huddling in Mum’s lounge, Dave and I have our fab wardrobe in operation and we have sheets on our bed!  (as we had to pack our bedding away every morning while the plasterers were covering our life in dust, we slept with a minimum of bedding).  Life is good.

Three weeks in, and the budget is making me nervous, the bigish bills are starting to come in and though I feel quite sure we have allowed plenty for the reno, I have never spent so much money in my life!  Thank god for spreadsheets and my ever-dependable Type-A personality to keep track of things.

Picking out little bits and pieces for our new home is beyond exciting, I am holding off on any big-ish purchases until rennovating is complete, but accent pieces are allowed ;  )

Owl Cushion, Freedom FurnitureFreedom FUrniture Prints

Owlton John from Freedom just had to come home with me {pictured with the Dalilah cushion $39 and $25 ea}, as these prints will one day…….I need both of them you see = spendy.

Picking out fabric for the Roman Blinds had to be the most boring, exasperating, difficult task so far.  Picking new guttering was much easier.

Dave and E make everything so much fun, they even managed to whip up a Pancake brekkie on our first Sunday in the new house.  I love our family traditions, they make anyplace feel instantly like home.