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I can’t run in $135 leggings

Since December 23rd 2014, I have run 251 kilometers.  This is something I’m pretty proud of, I can also feel every single one of those kilometers concentrated in the arch of my right foot!  Ow.

I don’t have plans to give up anytime soon as the changes in my body {NOT on the scale I might add} have been so beneficial that I really hope I can maintain this level of activity throughout the coming winter months.  Fingers crossed x

I run quite hard {so it seems to me anyway!}, I sweat a lot and sometimes I feel like puking when I’m done.  My favorite running outfit is a pair of seriously amazing compression tights that cost me a whopping $20 from The Warehouse and a meshy sports tank of some description.  I’m not running along Ponsonby Rd here.  Most days when I run I won’t even pass a single person, ergo, it doesn’t matter what brand of running gear I’m wearing as long as I’m comfortable.

Despite this, I was beyond excited to have received a sizeable gift card recently to spend at Lululemon, the world-wide athletic apparel store with somewhat of a cult following.  After picking out his rugby boots for the coming season, Ethan and I headed to Takapuna yesterday to check out the Lululemon phenomena for the first time;

  • Beautiful store – check
  • Super helpful, friendly and attentive staff – check
  • Gorgeous, large range of high end product – check

It was truly, a lovely shopping experience.  But, I had anticipated leaving with some great running wear.  Turns out I just can’t stomach the thought of purchasing luxe $135 tights that will end up stinky and sweaty, doomed to a life of 35 minute runs around our neighborhood, with no-one appreciating their beauty and hefty price tag except me and the inside of the washing machine where they would spend most of their time.  Truth: my workout clothes smell bad.  I wash them right away but you can never entirely remove that smell of sweat when you’re running 4 times a week.  The beautiful clothes at Lululemon were just too pretty {and expensive} to relegate to my workout drawer.  I know many ladies around the world regularly get their sweat on in these gorgeous threads, I mean that’s what the brand has built their reputation on, but I just couldn’t shop with that intention.  Did I get it wrong?

I ended up choosing some items that I will wear on a daily basis as the weather cools, a jacket, sweatshirt, some leggings that are ‘Mummy’ appropriate {in my opinion!}, the most perfect cap ever – I wear hats all the time, and a sweet purse for every-day use.  As for my workout gear, I’ll be sticking with my existing functional compression clothing that doesn’t blow the family’s grocery budget on one outfit!

What do you guys think?  Do you spend a lot on premium labels when it comes to workout clothes or are you like me in that you like what looks and feels good regardless of brand?

Lululemon Mummy Blogger Workout Clothes New Zealand






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9 thoughts on “I can’t run in $135 leggings”

  1. I invest in good shoes and sports bras, but the majority of my workout clothes are from kmart, the warehouse, cotton on body. I just cant stomach spending a lot of money on a tank top or leggings, considering that I'm not any sort of high performance athlete. If I'm buying expensive clothes I want to wear them somewhere better than the gym!

    1. Totally agree, there\’s no getting around expensive sports bras and they are worth the investment!

  2. I do love Lulu gear but I understand what you mean about being “too good” – I wore my black denim-look Groove Pants to The Eagles last night seeing the weather made actual jeans a no-no. I’m yet to find cheaper brands that make my butt look great though!

  3. I really love Lululemon gear however the only thing that fits me from there are their stretchy headbands which suck.

    So I exercise in tank tops from AS Colour with a stretch Maya (The Warehouse) pregnancy top underneath. On the bottom I either have cycling shorts or I have some 3/4 length pants that I got from KMart for about $20.

    To be fair I am always on the hunt for good, cheap workout gear and have decided that at my size I will probably have to make it myself. :(:

    1. You know what Ness, I\’m probably a pretty typical NZ size 10-12 yet there was only 1 size larger then mine in stock! Was quite shocked, thanks for the heads up on the headbands x

      1. I checked out the lovely store in Ponsonby once and they had quite a lot of size 16 stuff there (of course it's called size 12 there I think). I think a lot of people buy their gear to wear all day, that whole gym bunny look is super popular in some circles.

  4. I am such a lululemon fan, they have stink free gear that really does not smell. Their leggings make my butt look good. I admit most of my exercise stuff is from there, I feel great when I run in it. I may be the world's slowest, reddest runner, but my clothes look good!!!!

    1. Those are all excellent reasons to return Sammy! I love what I picked out too, and everything else in the store lol

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