It is always worth it to complain…….nicely

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I was one chapter deep in the first phase of ‘my week of study’ this morning when I hit the wall.  I was scavenging in the kitchen looking for something sweet when I remembered that there were Magnum ice creams in the freezer!!  Joy of joys, I would be able to plod through some more theory on the design and implementation of accounting information systems.  The reason behind the miracle of ice cream in OUR house was the unfortunate incident of the dodgy cone.  

A couple of weeks ago, Dave was dispatched on a late night ice cream run to the Mobil, imagine his disappointment when he sat down to enjoy his ice cream and his cone was soft!  Not one to make a fuss, Dave normally would have soldiered on but something made him take a stand.  He searched out the manufacturers email and fired off a Customer Complaint.  Two weeks later we had a coupon for $10 worth of streets ice cream!!  Thanks Dave, I might even save you one xxxx.