Mad About Mega Beasts! Giles Andreae & David Wojitowycz

Mad About Mega Beasts! Giles Andreae & David Wojitowycz

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I LOVE picture books and I love it when my kids love books.  In our house that means rhyming and animals.

The latest offering from Giles Andreae, author of Giraffes Can’t Dance, is a gorgeously illustrated romp introducing nature’s most MEGA animals.  There’s a dino, a tiger, a penguin and a bear to name just a few.  This is a beautiful large format paperback, just perfect for little chubba hands to grip and lots of eye candy and hidden fun to spot in each illustration.

Each rhyming vignette includes a fact (which I love!) and still manages to keep things sharp and snappy, holding Nixon’s interest for the duration.  

………actually for the duration of both books, as Mad About Mega Beasts follows the 2011 release, Mad About Mini Beasts and we have to read these consecutively.  It’s the rules.

I’m a fan, these are both books I look forward to reading  – over, and over again, every day.

Available from 28th July RRP $19.99

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  1. Ange TallShort&Tiny · July 29, 2015

    My boys both enjoy Giles Andreae books, and I love his style and the rhthym of his words. Commotion in the Ocean is our favourite, and worth seeking out if you don't already have it xx

  2. EoLise · November 13, 2015

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