Melissa & Dave's Yearly Excursion Out Late at Night

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I was on my way home from a fab Cocktails & Canapes Baby Shower last night when Dave called from work and said he had finished early and why didn’t I join him for a going away party for one of the staff at the bar.

Twist my rubber arm.

Some observations from the evening;

  • Jason Mraz impersonators may strike at any time, complete with full gesticulating dance moves and a flawless performance fully focused on the mini-skirted, pool-playing hottie he is trying to bed.  Mraz impersonators are oblivious to the stares and admiration of others, when I’m Yours plays, they are in the zone.
  • Random chick I may or may not know “That girl is way too tall for that dress, someone should tell her” Me “You’re way too tall for your skirt and you’re a midget.  Bad outfits are contagious around this place”
  • A covers band that plays Toto, Kenny Loggins, Dire Straights, Oasis and many other pearls may sound like a good idea at the time, but calls many strange creatures out into the night.  Some who answered the call of 80’s synth-pop have never been seen before on the North Shore.  Awe-inspiring people watching.
  • Smokers are incredibly rude and loser-y.  Major social fail.
  • 18 is way too young to be out in a bar with Mraz impersonators and shock-and-awe creatures of the night
  • Supre has a lot to answer for, dressing girls like K Road hookers lost in time IS NOT FASHIONABLE people