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Everytime I think that surely there are simply no more amazing ideas out there left to bring to market, a Mum comes up with something new and fab.  It’s always a Mum isn’t it?

Kirsty from Neat n Sweet attempted making up her cot whilst pregnant and soon realised what all Mums and Dads (maybe only some Dads?)  know as fact; making up a cot is almost as futile and aggravating as making up a top bunk!  She then began a journey of trial and error combined with years of research and experimentation which has led to the development of Neat n Sweet sheets.

Neat n Sweet sheets are designed to tuck baby into bed the good old-fashioned way. Made with special fittings that fasten under the mattress, they keep the entire sheet set secure and in place and avoid the top sheet from lifting up, becoming loose and untucked.

 With a top sheet sewn in, parents no longer have to fuss around with tucking in multiple sheets and blankets that could later fall or be kicked off in the middle of the night. A wrap is also fitted to the base sheet that keeps baby in the preferred sleep position through the night – on their back.

The top sheet is fitted with two zips and each provide access to your baby from either side of the cot. Simply zip them up at night and parents can rest assured knowing that baby is tucked up for the night comfortably.

Made from 95% cotton, Neat n Sweet sheets are available in two colours – pretty pink gingham trim or baby blue gingham trim with white sheeting. Both are filled with breathable cotton fibre and each have an RRP of $139.

For more information and to order Neat n Sweet sheets, visit

I have one set of Baby Blue Gingham Sheets to give away so head over to The Best Nest on Facebook to enter.  Competition closes Sunday 26th April at 10pm.Neat n Sweet Sheets Giveaway Mum Blog NZ