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Today I hung the washing out in the sunshine, listening to an Oprah and Deepak meditation on my phone {no, for real I was! check it here}.

And then it hailed.

I spent 10 minutes changing the baby’s diaper, blow drying his bum and gently applying lotions to his poor bleeding skin.

And then he poohed within 2 minutes of setting him down. {This happened about 12 times today actually}.  

I took a shower for the first time in two days and was reminded what a hassle it actually was. Being clean meant that I was then required to brush my hair and put moisturiser on etc and LOOK AT ALL THAT DIRTY LAUNDRY I JUST MADE!  Due to my nekid-face-state I was blindly slapping on some BB cream and bronzer, spilt the BB cream on my sweatshirt, washed that off then dropped the bronzer compact on the tiles where it of course shattered into a million powdery pieces much to Nixon’s delight.  It was just one of those days – and it’s my blog so I can whinge and stomp my feet if I want to, right?.

I didn’t actually have to leave the house until 3pm today when we went to swimming lessons, but the list of things to do before them seemed to grow every second so that my mind was spinning and I felt like I actually might get none of said things ticked off the mental list.  {The cookies didn’t get baked until 8.30pm but huzzah!  We have fresh cookies!}.

>>>>  This leads to something I can’t get out of my head; a former colleagues wife asked me after Nixon was born “so, what do you actually do all day?”.  And you know what?  I couldn’t think of a damn thing to say.  Seriously, surely as a second time stay at home Mum I must have some clue as to what I do between the hours of 5am and 5pm?  I just gawked at her with a blank stare so, so surprised that anyone would ever ask a Mum of a young child such a stupid question.  Everyone knows all we do is wait for Ellen to come on and read Home & Garden while sipping Nespresso right?


I was just walking by the computer and read an email, which led me to a new blog, which even though it ain’t pretty is full of some awesome content, and COMMENTS {remember them?  hello?  anyone out there?} and made me think, “wtf am I doing?” and why am I doing it so obviously wrong?  and who are all of these bloggers that I don’t know?”.  Is there now an Old School vs New School mummy blogger thing going on?  Have we who have been rumbling around these familiar blogs for years and years been laid out to pasture?  I don’t know.

So, if any one you have discovered a wondrous new blog of late please share!  And maybe you’ll come back again another day?  If I promise to stop complaining? {You all have days like these too, yes?}.