Op-Shop DIY | My first foray into refinishing furniture!

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A project, started and completed within a week!  That deserves some more chocolate.

I spotted this desk at Junk & Disorderly whilst on a scouting mission for a little cabinet to sit at the end of our kitchen.  We had a vacancy for a small piece of furniture that did not need to do anything nor hold anything, a corner that just needed to be filled.  I couldn’t find anything to meet such lowly requirements.  But I thought about this old desk for a week.  I thought maybe it would work, maybe I could be handy enough to re-finish it and at just $25 I wouldn’t be investing a whole lot of money in it if I didn’t love it.  We went back the next Saturday and it was still there, hidden under a pile of old typewriters.  It wasn’t pretty.

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A light sanding, two coats of primer and two coats of paint applied with a roller and the old boy looks a lot better.  I had some gunmetal coloured spray paint in the garage so gave the old brown legs two coats, I loved this step, it was quick-dry paint so all done and dusted super-quick.

It works, and I know that if I don’t love it forever I will easily be able to double my money by on-selling.  I just need to finish the corner off with a brightly coloured little stool and then E will have a little nook to do his homework while we are working in the kitchen.

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