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Powering Off and Switching on as a Family

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New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Screen Time

Reigning in our family’s screen time has been high on my list of priorities over the last six months since it has become apparent that little-big Nixon was seemingly getting as attached to his ‘iPad’ as the rest of us are to our phones and devices.

But, to be honest, those lovely (?)  screens are a crutch that we seem to be using more and more.  I freaking LOVE my phone but now that it is seemingly an extension of my arm as both the blogger tool-of-the-trade and the source of much entertainment, it might be time to really take stock of how much power our devices are yielding within our family.

There are screens everywhere in our house.  Total first-world problem I know and I’m almost ashamed to admit that the house is positively littered with electronic devices capable of watching videos of grown-ass men opening toys on YouTube at any given time!

And this is the stuff my kids watch.

So.  It’s about time Dave and I pull our heads out of the sand and wrest back some time and energy from our collective phones, iPads, Laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and iMacs.  Time that would be much better spent on any one of 10,000 things than beating another level in Candy Crush.

I love my phone but I love my family MORE.

Obviously right?  I mean we all do.  The problem is that despite our very best intentions, societal norms have changed as have our expectations of how/when/with whom we use our devices and what is acceptable on our ‘down’ time – that time not spent at work or school.  Eight years ago I remember worrying about whether or not I was addicted to the internet because I checked my email more than once a day!!!

Can you even?  How laughable is that by today’s standards lol?

So.  This month, on the weekend of the 19-20th of March, The Jacks (that’s us FYI) are making a pledge; I’m signing all of us up for 24 hours of device free time along with thousands of other kiwi families in an effort to put the fab back in our family.  That’s what the Hyundai Power Off/Family On campaign is all about;  sign up online and pledge to power off for a few hours or the full 48, it’s up to you.  Because family roadies are one of New Zealand families favourite ‘do-it-together’ past-times, all who register to Power Off online go in the draw to win one of 100 x $100 fuel vouchers to help get the crew on the road and off the couch!

Check us out wearing our Power Off badges which you can pick up at your local Hyundai dealership! 

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Family

Sounds awesome right?  Get the kids onboard (or don’t and just surprise them lol) and register online NOW!

I plan on making the most of the lovely Autumn weather and getting the kids into the bush and out on the beach for a picnic dinner.

Share what you plan on doing with all of your device-free time over the Hyundai Power Off/Family On weekend below and enter to win a $100 MTA Gift Card to kick off your own amazing adventures!