Preggo | 30 Weeks!

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I feel like we are so close now, but still a good half marathon away from meeting our new baby. Physically I know these last 7-10 weeks are going to be rough; baby turned on Sunday so he is now no longer breach {that was an unusual sensation!} but it has given me a wee bit more space under my ribs. Thank god.
I saw my midwife today and the test for gestational diabetes came back negative. We had been concerned about this because of the little hippos size at the 27 week growth scan, I was frightened!  My weight gain seems to have slowed a lot, basically it’s just the baby’s weight now though that doesn’t help me fit into clothes any easier!  My bump is so huge that it’s almost busting out of the size 18 pajama top I purchased from K-Mart!!!!!!  I try not to think about that too much.

General complaints:
– Naked toenails, hate
– Post 3pm exhaustion. I could sleep at this time every day
– Inability to sleep through the night. This has only begun this week, one position is just no longer comfy for a sustained period of time so I toss and turn {slowly and awkwardly lol} all night long
– Sitting at my desk during work hours is getting progressively more uncomfortable, simply because there is SO much gravitational pull on my belly it feels like muscle and skin is literally being ripped off the bone {that pic below is very flattering btw, my arms hide the scale of the baby hippo}
– A wee bit of heartburn each night when I initially lay down, nowhere near as bad as I had it with E

Very much getting excited about:

– Setting up the nursery!!!!  It’s hard to get a handle on what else we need as it’s all stockpiled in a corner on and around the changing table
– Maternity leave, can’t wait to focus on my family and {if I’m being honest} this blog!
– Exercise, I can’t wait to walk fast again, and RUN even – that could be a pregnancy delusion but I want to run…. or just move in general without pain
– Wine
– Dressing bubs in Mum’s lovely knitting